Weird music synchronicities?

Anyone ever been thinking about something and later hear a song that speaks to them on that particular thing they were thinking about?

Or just heard a song that seemed like you were “meant to hear it”, or it’s conveying a message?

I’ve had BOTH happen, and usually the songs are random…from artists I don’t know and not my usual genre. I’ve had times where I’m thinking about stuff from the past, or wondering things, then a I’ll hear a song (radio/etc) that seems to “speak” to me. Or you get that same feeling from the song as you would with dajia vu.

And the songs lyrics are usually specific to my situation to…it’s really odd.

Anyone had experiences like this? Anyone had spirits communicate through this method to? Just wondering.


A friend of mine and I used to believe the radio spoke to us sometimes because the PERFECT song would come on the radio at the right time to describe situations we were in. I used to believe this was “the universe” speaking.

I have the personal belief that spirits can do this as well. I have this example from after my best friend died, a song came in the radio that I interpreted as her (even if it wasn’t and i was just reading into it, it still brought me comfort). This example I wrote about in one of my journals:

ANRE130215A: I Will Wait (Click to Expand)

When my best friend died, I was pretty heartbroken. She got stage 4 cancer out of nowhere at 19. We’d just graduated high school. Her favorite band was Mumford & Sons at the time. She listened to it all day every day.

I drove around a lot when I was stressed, the act of driving with the windows down on a Tennessee night just calmed my nerves. That month I must’ve explored every backroad in our hometown. I was driving home one night the weekend after we buried her (on Valentine’s day of all days), stopped at a stoplight in my old, raggedy Jeep that barely clung to life. The engine was quieter than usual, and I was left to my thoughts and the slightly unwelcome, invisible stranger that rode shotgun. I decided to turn on the radio. Ads. I changed the station. More ads. I just wanted something to get my mind off of everything. I kept playing over and over again the last thing she said to me in ICU, where I rushed out because I wanted to see my boyfriend for Valentines day. The Iight stayed red for what felt like forever, and I found myself gunning it as it turned green, as if hitting the gas harder would jerk the thoughts out of my head.

Suddenly a song came on the radio–one I hadn’t heard in a while. The Jeep rolled to a stop on the side of the road and I cried.

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Oh I also like a song called “I will wait” by Mumford Sons or some band/artist.

Well my thoughts are usually about my past and a spirit that was trying to communicate to me, or about mudane things. Then I’ll legit hear a song saying “all I can leave are memories, I’m the shadow next to you” etc…like wtf.

When I hear the songs – it seems to relate to that is what I meant. Not that it’s ALL I think about. I got other stuff to worry about to!

I also once asked for a sign, and well recieved it through a song to.

Yeah the radio has also played THE PERFECT SONG for situations in my life to, at odd times.


"When you want it the most there’s no easy way out. When you’re ready to go…
Don’t give up on your faith":rainbow:

Yes I met a woman I liked and I just thought the songs are all playing jokes on me :D, too many songs have been about the exact situation. I think it’s mainly just the way my mind interprets it tho, could be something trying to communicate also. I like it either way. I heard a song just the other day and I swear it seemed exactly about what happened when I met her.

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Also, in my opinion there are not many “normal” song lyrcs out there, they all seem to talk about something beyond themselves so to speak, so I just usually listen to song lyrcs in a way that makes sense to me, making it highly subjective. There were songs that I listened to years ago that have changed meaning almost completely when I listen to them now, since my world-view has changed.

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that’s clairaudience :). clairaudience gives you messages in anything you can hear. say you’re listening to a song, like you were , and at the same time, you were unconsciously wanting a sign about whatever you were thinking about. then you heard a song talking about your situation. it gives clarity, and messages about it . really helpful :joy: you were meant to hear it . everything’s a sign

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