Weird experience

Again I experienced something linked to time shrinking or expanding? Was weird, anyway, I look at the clock and I clearly see 11:48. Clearly. One of those oven clocks. I think oh shit gotta hurry I am going to be late at work. In 3 minutes I look back at the clock and shows 11:42. I am like…WTF? I just looked and said 11:48…what is goin on?

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isn’t chronos related to time? or even Saturn in general?

I don’t know…but I been experiencing lately time shifts and reality shifts…like a parallel universe or something

he is. could be him.

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I too felt a weird shift in my feelings like four hours ago, could be because of moon transit, saturn is also going to change position on june 21 which will make all the mages learn more about black magick, spirits and even work with new spirits.


What impressions do you get from this, off the top of your head and without trying to second-guess yourself?


What comes to my mind first is reality shift? I don’t know how to manipulate that though…

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