Weird experience with image from Book of Smokeless Fire

Ok yesterday I was researching more about SBQ book and I stumbled upon some pictures. I gazed long enough to start seeing the lines glow and as soon as I fell asleep I found myself in a terrifying dream in which I was reciting an incantation in unknown to me language and suddenly the earth was saking. As soon as I reached in the middle of the incantation the manuscript itself started to chant on its own (I know it crazy).

The experience was too real it was as if I was astral traveling. The momment I woke up I was sure that the images that I saw from the book was the cause and the voice that I heard was an actual Djin/Jinn. There was so much power flowing during the duration of the chant. Anyway has anyone experienced similar effects in a rite or anything that involves Djins?

Oh hell yes, and not just djinns - some spirits are SO in your line/current that they leap right out the moment you open the gate.

No, REALLY, I’m not just fucking about, like “everyone who ran the race is some kind of winner” etc BULLSHIT!

I’m using a weird computer today and weirder mousing but try searching my posts for “Azi Dahaka” and “Ahriman” and you’ll see how that leapt right out at me, and I mean I’m not “Super-Wizard” and my life’s not perfect, or anything, but still that was right up my alley so, can it happen to you?

Hell yes! :wink:

Yeah Ive had similar things happen, of Something of a Draconich nature and…woke up and started speaking in a strange tongue to something in front of me I could not see at the time. I couldve stopped it but nust simply let it happen out of interest. I also looked at my hand and flexed it much like I had claws as if my other self was examining the vessel. =)

Lady Eva what sort of PC do you use and why is it so weird?

Oh totally off-topic, I usually use a trackball mouse and have keebie things set up, today I’m with one I have to move round the pad, over my mate’s house and she has all weird Aero and stuff. :slight_smile:

Nothing relevant except I maybe can’t type properly…?! ツ

Mine is with The Book of Azazel. I don’t even own it, just listen to it on youtube. And every time i do another cycle of weird starts around me. Everything from poltergeist activity to weirdos coming up to me in the street. Was listening to the BOA last month in the morning and that afternoon and a total stranger runs up to me and starts screaming about the book of enoch and how we are living in the end times. And to him i said “i know, ain’t it cool!! Here’s 20 bucks, now get the hell outta my face and go take a shower, you creepy crazy bastard” So yes things like that can happen all the time, whether your looking or even wanting them too, goes with the territory. Some spirits like to test you to see if your going to step up or step out so to speak. And they can come up with some pretty interesting ways of doing that. No matter how strange or terrifying it may get i always have to laugh at myself and think “well i bought the ticket so i may as well enjoy the ride”:wink:

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I see thank you all for your opinions. Oh and Milady yes I remeber that about AziDahaka :3

The day I received his book, 10 minutes later, I had in my ear the voice of a man who psalmed the word Al Qatl ( murder) and the first use of a djinns I had a manifestation where we tried to know if I have any attachment to God and religion in my hearts, since it was no, I had a big smile from the djinns. But I only use the book for the seals and nothing else. I prefer to use a method of Arabic magic to be able to work with them instead of having to go to places that are difficult to access to evoke them. I still have manifestations and dreams where I find myself in different places in the Middle East according to the djinns. On the other hand, their energetic influence is quite strong and you will soon feel hateful and want to hurt everything. They can teach you something, but again it is if only you use them a lot.