Weird experience last night after using my GD scrying/tarot cards

These cards are awesome IMHo, done a few readings already. Anyway back the experience. Over the past few nights I have been trying to open earth in both these GD cards alchemical westernised symbols, and the hindu originals.

Anyway last night im in bed and ive closed my eyes and all of a sudden this dark figure was running right at me, I sensed a kind of Roman soldier like figure to be honest but it was black seemed to be wearing very old army clothes.

Anyway it was just about to run into me then veered off to my left seemingly mystified by the fact i didnt budge or showed no fear. It disappeared.

It was so fucking bizarre, I was truly shocked and couldnt help but watch the thing coming at me.

Ive heard that enochian magic which is what the cards are implementing has strange efects is this true ?

it was so fast also hardly time to even think, there is no way i constructed this in my imagination i didnt have time.

Strangely enough today i got the impression ut was saying that I was rushing things could this be what it was implying whatever the fuck it was.