Weird encounter in Valhalla

So last night I went to Valhalla and I ran into this strange being. I can only guess that it is was a male by they way it’s voice sounded. He was wearing a black clock with a hood so I couldn’t see his face if there was one. He stopped me.right outside the doors of the happy before I went in and told me not to go in. He said that if I go in I will bring about great pain. I then asked him if it would bring about Ragnirok and he said no. The I asked him if it would change my wife’s fate with my own during Ragnirok. Again he said no.
By this time I was just getting pissed off I had to do somethings like get drunk and he was in my way. So I told him to eather speak plain or get out of my way. He then moved and I went in.
Nothing happened it has happened because of it.
So my question is was anyone trilling people last night or was it some sort of astral being. If anyone has any thoughts it would be really helpful.

Great pain for who?

What did he feel like? Any other features?

He didn’t say who just that someone would have great pain.
The only other features were his really boney finger that he pointed at me and I didn’t feel anything but emptiness from him

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Loki being an asshole?

Or maybe a draugr?


I don’t know why, but as I was reading this, the image of a man in his sleep surrounded by corpse-like figures, pulling energy from the sleeping man’s body and filling him with something foul.

You may want to bolster your defenses and cleanse the shit out of everything you own.


Seems like a test for you. He wanted to know if you where worthy of entering this great hall. It was for Men and Woman who decide to go against the goal despite pain.

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I’m not getting anything particularly bad from what you describe. If what @Anziel_Merkaba says it’s true, then it definitely @KingOfHearts616 guess of a draugr (of you’re going to path work in a mythos, do your research @mtthwjrch). So, just in case, it might be a good idea to do a cleansing (which is good to do on a regular basis anyway. Doing this kind of work always makes little, snotty nasties attach themselves to your stuff. You taste good.).

I haven’t gotten the impression that it was Loki messing with you. I’m pretty close with him, but it could very well been. He has been known to do such things. :wink:

I think a key thing in your experience, is that when you asked him to be more specific he moved out of the way. That would indicate to me that he some type of GateKeeper, like @Sheogorath said. So the next question would be, why were you being prevented from entering the hall in the first place?

To answer that question, I would ask what were you doing there in the first place? What was your reason for going to Valhalla as opposed to somewhere else in Yggdrasil?


Well to answer your question it is basically my home has been for over 500 years. And if it was a gate keeper then why would they be blocking a Einherjar? Plus it is highly possible it was looking because we really don’t like each other

Then let’s explore a little deeper.

I do doubt it was Loki. If he doesn’t like you, he is going to do a lot more than block your way. He wouldn’t have moved so easily, I don’t believe. Is he doesn’t like you, he isn’t going to be just an asshole. He’s going to be downright malicious. Assholishness is saved for those he likes. :wink:

So, that leaves someone else.

I’m not sure how much of the lore you know or believe. I’m a lore whore, so that is where I am coming from. An Einherja is not a static position. You dunt have a right to enter the Mead Hall unless you’re Odin or Frigg. Or could be that you are engaging in some activity that is endangering your place within the Einherja.

This could possibly have been Odin himself. He is not only a war God, but a death God and a trickster himself. Could it be he gave you a riddle? In that case, I would say you failed to answer it by plowing your way into the Hall. I would recommend revisiting all of the details of your path working. I’m getting the strong sense that you’re missing something.

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Hmm Interesting however if it were Odin I don’t understand why he would be giving me a test like this seeing as we are quite tight. I could see that he might just be messing with me if he is a trickster. I also did ask if the pain was or would be mine and this being said no so it could have been Odin just messing with me as a friend would.

The not understanding would be part of the riddle. Just because you’re tight with Odin doesn’t mean he isn’t going to stretch you to make you grow. And telling you things out right doesn’t make you grow. If you’re on this path, and in this forum, then you’re on a path of growth. A lot of times, it’s confusing.

He said it would bring about great pain. Then you asked about Ragnarok, you didn’t ask about the pain. That might be what you’re missing Of course, in the end it’s up to you what you do with the information that’s being presented to you.


If we’re going with the images we saw whilst reading this, I saw what @mtthwjrch saw through his own eyes. Saw his memories.

The being seemed like death. Felt like it and the skeletal finger didnt help it.

So its either Odin or a Draugr IMO

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Well thank you all for your ideas and input you have definitely give me a lot to think about

Well found out that it was only odin screwing with me like a friend would just to see your wheels turn.

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