Weird dream

I had a weird dream last night and I look for advice. Lately I had some questions in my mind about other dimensions, spirits, etc. sometimes I meditate on topics like this. And last night I had a dream about getting in a closed cemetery and there was a deep hole in the ground, where I saw a black humanoid entity with shiny eyes. This entity told me that he will answer my questions if I bring him homemade brandy. I tried to look for homemade brandy right there in my dream, but I couldn’t find it, then I woke up. I have no idea why a spirit or entity would ask for homemade brandy? I know this sounds funny but I swear this is what happened. What do you guys think, could this be real or was it just a “simple” dream? And if it was real, should I get homemade brandy and try to evocate this spirit? Or it could have been a negative entity and I should just ignore it?


The interaction is too brief to say.

Since you went about looking for the brandy without qualms, I’d say it was probably okay or you might’ve experienced a lot of apprehension.

If it’s just a dream it still merits some thought and you should mull it over a bit to see what you think it means to you.

It could very well have been an entity.

Why not?

Who is to say what they may or may not want?

Plenty of people have experienced odd requests, or requests that seem simple at first end up requiring a bit of effort to fulfill.

Spirits (pun intended) are a typical offering in a lot of cases. Whether it’s wine, whiskey, or something else.

To me this would indicate deeper parts of the sub/unconscious possibly.

It could very well be a manifestation of your shadow self reaching out to you if you choose to interpret it as a dream…


Perhaps the spirit wanted you to summon that object in the dream, as a demonstration of your dream control powers.

A common technique is to decide, when I turn around or enter this room, this will be there. This applies to objects, dream characters, and you can even decide something like “this room will have zero gravity.” Other methods include reaching into your pocket to find what you’re looking for, or asking a dream character if they have the object, like a pencil, or in this case, a bottle of brandy.


That’s very interesting, what is a shadow self exactly? I’d like to hear more if you have time.

That’s also a very interesting viewpoint, I haven’t thought of that! But unfortunately I wasn’t conscious in this dream so there wasn’t much chance of me finding it.

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