Weird dream after listening to shamanic guided meditation

Hey guys I don’t actually know if this post belongs in this category so if it doesn’t I’m sorry but aquas I had this very strange dream last night but before that I did a shamanic guided meditation to meet my guardian spirit baring in mind this was my second time listening to the video.

The dream was weird but here it is.

I was in a house with this girl and there where other people and me and the girl went around the house and killed them one by one shortly after highly trained men arrived and they where looking for us so we snuck around the house, we walked up the stairs and at the top where two men placing a trip wire down so before they looked up we snuck back down and went separate ways.

I went down into the a room with bars on the window and a man walked down the stairs and he was going to shoot me so I shot him then the girl was behind him he was still alive and before I shot him he said the girl ate someone then called his men so I ran to the window and opened the small one and tried sticking my head out of it but it was too small so I looked at the girl and she said “I’m sorry” I looked at her and said “ It’s fine, the windows to small we can’t get out” so she hopped up onto the window and held the bars then I managed to pull the bars clean if and we climb out of the side.

We where on the roofs and we ran whilst jumping for roof to roof I jumped to one room and went fly onto the floor but I landed it, once we both had landed we ran down an ally near the wood and we kept running as we are running we hear barking and the girl goes “they have dogs” and I said we gotta move the dogs probably have our scent” she said “wait dogs can get our scent” and I replied with “yes” so we ran faster and we ended up surrounded by people and we was standing in a massive circle with a lot ways out so I looked behind us and say the men and a woman with the dogs and I told the girl and we ran to the nearest exit which lead us to a bus depo and a whole load of shops we went into a pub and took some food we carried on walking through the pub and that lead us into another shop.

Coming out of the shop we looked around and we where in town and all of a sudden people are talking about schools and how if you wanna work at a school or something you have to have get the uniform before hand and then we walked past the school uniform shop. Next thing I know I’m standing informant of a lot of people and I’m with someone wells who was supposed to read the register but was just marking things in the book I go to her “ your supposed to call out the name” and she just looks at me then the lady was like “ someone help her out you was like this on your first day” then I’m seeing a lady in a chair in a room talking to a doll on her dresser and she’s saying to the doll “ you didn’t really think you could get away from me did you” then next thing I know the dolls face changes into some kind of snake looking thing it was still a face but it had changed in a way then the woman’s face changed into something else and she had fangs. After seeing that a fight breaks loose and apparently everyone has fangs.
Honestly it was so weird idk if the people who’s face changed into something else where vampires or a snake or something else.

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