Weird Dream About the Fae And unknown spirit

Hi, okay so on Monday i had a super weird And long dream. Again About spirits… i dream alot About other beings lately & i thought maybe its time to share some of them here. Maybe some people can help me out or know What is happening in My dreams.

So i dreamed that i was in My garden And one of My rabbits died, fell of his rabbit starecase And just layed there. But right before he died he birthed anorher tiny rabbit (i thought). It was My 9 year old cat that the rabbit birthed but as a kitten. Eventually the kitten grew old in just a minute And the dead rabbit transformed into a white butterfly which later on transformed in a huge nude colored naked spider.

I was quite discusted so i ran inside And for some reason there was a Guy in My house who was just sleeping over because he Said he needed some rest after playing some sort of game or battle. So the second time i checked up on him i thought he was sleeping but also he was slowly dying. Before he died he Said to me that i needed to run because a name like: suki , sukto, sokti or Suzuki or something was coming.

So i walk casually out of My home And start to walk on a foggy road And see all different kinds of small sparky gifts laying on the street. When i saw all those gifts i instantly knew it where the Fae. But in My dream i did pick 1 thing up just to look at it And put it away again. In My dream i was super aware of this so i said out loud “ Thankyou but i cant take this”. When i turned around i saw a tiny Elf whit a bald head on a 3 wheeled bike laughing. I dont want to say it was an Evil laugh but it was also not super sweet haha.
He biked to My house so i started running after him because i wanted to know What he was Gonna do in My house And during that run he yelled at me that there was a reunion at My home. Which didnt felt super comforting. When i got home there were a lot of Halloween figures as if it where people i knew in a costume all trying to frame of kill me.

It was a super weird dream for me because i am very new to the witchcraft world & i dont want to attract things unintentionally. Does someone know what this dream means? I was thinking about doing A LOT more protection from now on.

  • Nachtvlinder