Weird creature

When I was about 10 or 11 we were having a get together at grandma’s house for the holidays. All of us cousins played all day, and when night fell we played hide and seek. While the adults smoked and drank up by the house, we stayed on the back of the property just having a good time. I was hiding in between a bush and the property fence when I heard the strangest sound. It was almost a scream, both happy and miserable at the same time. I jumped up and kinda shouted. All my cousins heard it, and we all saw it, too. It was an animal on two legs, and it ran off with really jerky motions. Being the oldest by about three years, I calmed down the crying little ones and explained as best I could that it was just someone trying to scare us. I’ve had nightmares about that sound; in my mind it seems a grotesque mimicry of our joyous screams and laughter as we played. None of my cousins today will admit to even remembering the incident, although the adults remembered the commotion it caused.

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Could you give more of a description?

lets see… I grew up in Michigan. the legs were not natural, even for wild dogs in the area. it almost looked like the legs were dog legs, except contorted like it has had broken bones healed wrong in the past.

anything else you want to know about?

I’ve heard of the Dogman cryptid, but I always assumed that was myth. It didn’t really resemble sketches i’ve seen either.

Anything els you can remember besides the legs? Like the head, arms and body? Did it have a tail, did you see it’s eyes, how talldo you think it stood? And so on.

Have you checked the tales about skin walkers?

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It was a bright hazel color for the eyes. body was long and lanky, same with the arms. The arms had that same broken bone feature as well. The street behind the house was lit up a little bit, as we didn’t really have maintenance come very often. just enough to see that there was no fur on the head. It was sort of ravaging around like a chicken with it’s head cut off before it saw us. no tail, rather sort of a glistening stub.

I’ve heard about them, but honestly never really thought about it being a native american cryptid.

Yeah, that sounds like a possibility. One given the description, I would have suggested.

@Nolan_Toney, you also mentioned a dogman. I would look into that and other local cryptids as well.

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The mimicry is ringing a bell, but I can’t remember a name.

Is there any way to bring a cryptid near me? Magickal or otherwise?

Not that I can think of or know of, but others might know.

Have you tried puting up game/wild life cameras in that area?

in the past I had tried but when I assume it would appear there is loss of signal, paranormal style.

Even the ones that just take pictures?

it doesn’t pick anything up

Well I would keep trying with the ones that just take pictures.

When trying something like that, it is always a roll of the dice, but the more you roll the more likely you are to get what you want.

Also have you thought of talking to a local historian? They might have stories from other people from over the years or can point you to someone who does.

I can try. I might ask some professionals on how to attract these creatures. I’ve heard stories of creepypasta-like monsters and scenarios exist as well. I might ask about those as well.

Worth a shot.

do any of the BALG authors might happen to know how to point me in the right direction?

That I don’t know, sorry.

But you can always ask. You might get lucky and have one respond to you.

I have to go for now, but good luck. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

This sounds fun!

Evoke it. But when you do you may find that it doesn’t speak in words or maybe even sounds. Focus on receiving rather than interpreting. It sounds like a useful friend to have if you can make it one.