Weird behavior with red chime candle when contacting Belial

Today is the second day I tried contacting King Belial. I lit a black and red chime candle. The black candle - burned fine. Red candle - very weird. It’s like there was heat directed towards it melting the candle. I saw it dripping. I lit a second red chime candle - burned fine.

The weird red candle did this before I said Belials enn or EAs incantation to Summon Forth. Here is a picture. Has anyone’s chime candle behaved this weird before? Could it be a sign or subliminal message from Belial? I believe he’s been with me for weeks now but I wanted to see him in the scrying mirror.

Anyone up for a scan please?

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I did have something weird like that with one of my candle aswell.

First time trying to evoke him, when I blew out the candles I SOMEHOW managed to put some candle wax (it was a red one) all over the wall, and the shape I got reminded me a bit of Belial’s sigil. So I was like “Oh alright, that’s a bit odd lol”.

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Do you mean like this?!? But in all seriousness, since the black candle burned fine and you lit another red one to test and it was fine, I’d be more inclined to think it’s because of Belial. But I do have to ask: Was there any wind or air movement? (I’m sure you’ve already checked this.) Were all the candles in the same area as the red candle that burned funny? As an example though, the candle pictured burned in a very unusual way too and this was with Belial.

BTW, for those wondering YES the spell work was an absolute success. Crazy fast results.

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