Week 6 of Invocations & The Pact with Lord Lucifuge

So this is the final week of my pact and as I forgot to do an invocation for 1 week, I have done one tonight - I chose to invoke Prince Vassago - and the other will be either tomorrow or Sunday. I forgot I made a list several months ago of all 6 demons I wanted to invoke, so I found the list a couple of days ago and you know the rest.

Invoking Prince Vassago was very heady, to say the least, I felt a lot of Mercurial energy, with other invocations I remember feeling more physical sensations than psychological ones, I also felt the room get bigger, I felt that I got bigger in terms of height, it was a very interesting invocation, I was left with similar aches and pains to after you’ve had sex, so that’s new lol.

I also noticed a lot of shadows around my flat right after, so I think that means I did well with inviting Prince Vassago into my home lol or that I need to banish energy.

My last post about this pact will be no later than Sunday. :slight_smile:

Which method are you using with invocation?

No particular method, sometimes I have the sigil in front of me and chant an enn, as well as lighting some incense & candles to set the mood & then I read out an invocation text, either one that V.K. Jehannum has written or one of my own that I’ve created, then I just wait for the invocation to happen & if it does, cool, if it doesn’t, cool, if it does & I don’t realise it, I guess there’s good in that too.

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Yeah same here

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