Week 4 of Invocations & The Pact with Lord Lucifuge (Part 1)

Hey guys, I’m back with documenting my 6-week pact.
I realise that somewhere along the way I forgot to give my weekly offering and weekly invocation, as a result, I gave my apology in my own way and will, as a result, be invoking 2 demons this week.

I just wanted to make this post for anyone else who tries this same pact as me and then may search for relevant info & stumble across this post.

So in this pact, you are required to recite a prayer to Lord Lucifuge & one of the lines talks about asking to be blessed with an increase in psychic ability and my goodness has that happened!

I am noticing I am having spirit encounters in almost every dream I’m having now, my clairaudience is already very good but right now it’s a little intense at times and I am becoming clairvoyant which I am happy about but it makes me somewhat uncomfortable for obvious reasons, though my clairvoyant abilities are coming through mostly in my dreams.

My next post will be before the end of this week once I have completed my weekly invocations