Week 4/5? of Invocations & The Pact with Lord Lucifuge

So I realised I completely missed one week of the 6-week journaling of my pact, so this will be my journal for week 5, I decided this week to invoke Prince Belphegor because he stood out to me, I began with my usual meditation, sigil gazing and chanting and I didn’t really have much success with this invocation but I think part of the reason why is I had too many expectations, I noticed I felt strong sexual energy, but also a deep sense of relaxation but not in a trance-like sort of way, in a “let me kick back, drink some wine and eat a pizza whilst watching Netflix” kind of way. I felt like I was being circled with his energy, the same way a cat circles people sometimes.

I was expecting to have more happen, but it was just flashes of images in my head, like a monstrous being, other flashes of images I don’t wish to share :joy: and that was it.

I sensed that the invocation was over after about 30 minutes and thanked Prince Belphegor and slowly went back to my normal life, I felt like the energy of Prince Belphegor lingered in my home for a while and I had a very strange dream that night… I blame the 6-week pact! :rofl: since I started I’ve been having very intense & strange dreams, but I’m not complaining :smile: