Wearing Belials charged sigil

So the other day I acquired a pendant with Belials sigil. I got it show my gratitude for what he has given me, and as a way to easily connect with him. I accomplished my most successful invocation to date, charging it with his energy and a few drops of my blood. The sense of power and energy I had flowing through me during the invocation was insane. I’ve been wearing the pendant for 3 days now and I’ve been experiencing a clear mind, euphoria, motivation, and weird dreams. I dreamt of a catholic priest ripping the pendant off and saying “you demon worshipper” , which I thought was interesting. I’ve also been having the most intense sexual feelings of my life. Sometimes I cant even concentrate because the sexual desire is so strong haha.

I saw a video on YouTube saying to never wear something. It could come across as trying to trap them and they get very angry.

I’ll give it a try, but with a different demon

Nah it definitely was not presented towards him in that way at all

Yeah, definitely worth the experience

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cool, thanks

I have a Necklace of KP and a ring of “the great Prince Sitri long may he rule” (he wanted me to say that smh) Sitris sigil with King Paimons everyone started respecting me more and he helped me with a lot.

And Sitri (title seen above ^) I was having really really bad sexual urges I couldn’t control myself legit anyone attractive I seen I was trying to bone. I haven’t had it long or wore it a lot (or been out a lot of places besides work) so that’s all that’s really happened with it.

But yea charge the sigil open it and it can really help you a lot just let them know you want there energy to be in it and stay with you

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