Wealth vs. Riches

I think it would be nice to point out the differences. Anyone can be rich not all could be wealthy because of how you have to conduct yourself. Wealth goes beyond yourself to influence an empire while riches are hoarded.

This is how I perceive these two. A ritual for riches is going to have a complete different outcome then riches. Both will bring gain, but wealth lasts for lifetimes if not forever.

Hmm - on the other hand, one can be rich in loving friends and family, rich in culture and education, and unable to mend a leaky roof?

I vote for loads and loads of lovely money, cash, wonga, spondoolicks… then you can do whatever you like with them, eradicate polio, set up a foundation that changes lives, or have sex with gold-plated sheep all day on a bed of rubies - money just makes us all more of what we were to begin with.

Poverty makes us less able to be ourselves because other people will pay us to compromise, rein it in a bit, tone it down, and with no other option people are forced to comply… that’s why poverty by any definition sucks.

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True, didn’t think about it like that.

I am currently at the start of a massive operation of prosperity magick and the first thing I did was define wealth and prosperity for myself. I prefer the word wealth to the word rich because in the society at large the term ‘rich’ has negative connotations, which are part of my consciousness as a member of said society. For example, the term ‘idle rich.’

I like these deffinitions and I agree with them for the most part but I always say ritch is being able to buy anything at anytime without worrie. being wealthy means you can literally wipe your ass with hundred dollar bills and not have to worrie about it. I hope we can all become wealthy in all aspects, that is the first goal of my master plan

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To me wealth is simply an abundance of lively hood. I could be wealthy with food friends and family and be perfectly happy living within my means. Or I could pursue riches and be a paper chaser, most people that do that soon realize that the money can’t make them happy. I try to find a happy medium because everyone likes spending money.

I am "happy’ I seek wealth in all things pleasing to me by your definition. but it is riches I seek. all things that glitter and shine that I can trade for material gain and knowledge

Wealth is freedom. Riches are slavery. Wealth is a way of thinking and acting that eventually produces maximum potential. Riches are either a springboard to wealth or a trap, an addiction. If you don’t know what wealth is or how to create it then you can loss everything by lossing your riches. When the wealthy lose their riches it is only a temporary setback until new and better riches present themselves. When a slave losses their riches they’ve lost everything and are revealed to be exactly what they always have been, a slave who got lucky…once.

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The best athlete that makes the most is rich, the guy who signs his check is wealthy. The Rothchilds are wealthy wealth is un loosable.

Riches is having a measure of “Monetary Wealth.” Wealth is the possession of both monetary resources, spiritual resources, as well as the knowledge and means to produce such resources. An example is a man who wins the lottery can easily spend it all and be poor again. Whereas a wealthy person could crash the system and they’d somehow come out of say a crashed system with plenty of resources.

Another example is in my city there are plenty of rich people who have bought nice hones in affluent areas and made it big through business or they have professional jobs. Their financial reach is mostly limited to the small luxuries in life that non rich people strive to attain. Whereas a person of a lasting reserve if Wealth will be those people who write out Checks without any after thought other than to see through say a Building project like the latest In-City condo’s or perhaps donating a significant sum of money to a foundation that is in the millions as if they were slipping a buddy a nice gratuitious tip. Wealth in the real world Monetary sense is like a Light Years leap from being rich.

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