Wealth Magick Rituals

Im currently doing Rituals to get a job that I want but it’ll take a while and I need some qualifications that requires money. I’m thinking maybe it’s time to use wealth Magick Rituals but at the same time I’m thinking if using this might effect my goal of achieving the job? I heard angels in that book are really powerful and will completely chenge your life.

Is this a good idea? Thanks


I’ll love to check it out but I already did several rituals for that so I’m not sure if I’m gonna do another.

Astaroth, Belial, Suhn’Tal’Ock, Salas’ash, Bune, Lord Caluneck, Naamah, etc. are all great spirits to work with if you need to have some money brought to you. Belial is great for trying to get jobs as well as I believe Ba’al. Belial brought to me a job that eventually started to pay me way more then my last job ever did. Astaroth just manifested before me an opportunity to have brought before me a literal ton of money. Not gonna say how much but it’s in the 6 figures cause of certain circumstances.


If you feel like going into the magick, then that’s probably a good sign to go for it. You mentioned you already did job-seeking magick, so unless there is anything else pressing you can go right into the three weeks of the Daily Practice in preparation for the first working.

The biggest shifts for me occurred with the second working, but the book doesn’t ruin your life. It’s Wealth Magick, so the spirits aren’t going to set you up to be broke, they’ll set you up to be wealthy. What the second working did for me was re-align me to a path that still allows me to do what I want with my life while also ensuring I was making space for financial wealth.

Just so you know, the rituals started working right away, but the full effects did not become apparent until a few years down the road. This should make some sense. Instead of going the direction I was going, I forged a different path, and so the consequences of the decisions that I made have compounded and led me to where I am now.


I’ll have to move to a new state when I get the job I’m thinking about doing it then. Since it’ll be like a new start and there will be less blockages. What do you think?

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It’s not my magick. Listen and do what you believe is appropriate.

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I’d say if you really like the job that much then save up and pay for the certifications. Otherwise you should keep applying to places and shop around.

If it does affect it, it’s going to be in a way that leads to more wealth down the road. But considering the first 3 weeks of wealth magick is basically a introspective question and appreciation for beauty, I doubt it’ll have a negative effect.

You should do wealth magick IF you want to change the focus on your life to accumulating wealth.
After you’ve bought the car, took the vacation, and bought all the toys what will you do then?
Wealth magick answers this question.
Wealth magick is about setting up your life for EXTREME prosperity, not riches. If you want to riches and don’t want the focus of your life to be about wealth accumulation consider “Occult riches” by Damon brand. That book has a master money ritual and a bunch of spells to get money flowing in the ways you want.

Whereas wealth magick is a total overhaul of you financial destiny and fate itself.

You should do wealth magick if you dream of being extremely wealthy and you have the dedication to do 6 months of consistent magick as well as changing your life to that of a money maker.

Wealth magick has changed my life and I have yet to really manifest the huge amounts of money.

I can confidently say though, I have method to making multi-millions and the proper resources to do so. Now it’s all about me taking action and going through the journey.

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Thanks for replying! I never had too much interest in money. I just think of it as a necessity for living. This is why I never did too many money rituals. I just need enough money so that I don’t have to worry about paying my bills and focus on the things I like. Should I try success Magick instead or would you say wealth Magick is better for my situation?

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I’d say success magick or occult riches

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Ok thanks :pray:

To me and many others, money is a means to an end. I believe personally that money can bring happiness while some people say it can’t but think about it for a moment. If you had more then enough money that you wouldn’t need to worry about being behind bills, losing your home, not worry about food, etc. Wouldn’t that in a way be happiness with money?


The consensus is 60k per year equals a good quality of life.

Other happiness comes from a meaningful life.

Honestly I can think of a lot of awesome things I could do with money but for others is whatever.