Wealth Magick 2nd time around - 2nd working (Elubatel) Rough times are here again!

I did Wealth Magick last year, and I got great results from it. I was able to pay off a massive tax bill, and my salary doubled.

BUT the Elubatel working was rough, and I probably made it even rougher by doing a Lucifer working a couple of months down the line.

The disruption reminds me of what happens when anyone stops smoking, keerazy stuff that wouldn’t happen at any other time happens then.

The end result of all that disruption was me consider a job and a change of location I would not have otherwise, and a massive improvement in lifestyle, plus double income.

I’ve now restarted the Wealth Magick working, and am doing the Elubatel one, and phew, things are getting rough again.

I’m having that heavy feeling, that paranoid feeling of impending doom and just wondering what’s going to go wrong next - a close friend of mine died, multiple instances of conflict, damage to car, and just heard that I will have to move out of my rented home for a month whilst electric cable is relaid throughout the house.

BUT it’s also making me rethink my job, and where I am in my life, and other options are opening up.

I’m not making any hasty decisions, and am just settling in for the ride - whatever happens, I KNOW the end result will be much better for me, and I trust in that.


Elubatel does seem to be a heavy handed force for some :sweat_smile:

I haven’t had any massive occurrences myself from them but I see it frequently said on here

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Maybe you need to do an identity ritual and find out what career would be right for you. Elubatel probably knows the job you have isn’t right.


Never heard of an identity ritual before, any sources you can point me to?

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You can adapt the ritual to books you have if you don’t have those books. It’s a great explanation of an identity ritual though.


Did you get any results from this ritual? I just remembered I did this months ago and forgot about it , nothing has changed since then

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Yes! I was in a biochemistry masters program and decided it’s not what was in my heart. left school and then wealth really started flowing to me as passive income and I’m much happier now.


An ex of mine did it, and over the past 2 years he transitioned into a woman. She’s much happier now (still into women so it was a real IDENTITY change, not an orientation change!)

I’ve the Identity Ritual, twice. I tend to be a bit self sabotaging and stubborn, so I’m not surprised that I didn’t find anything definitive the first time. But I did realize that I didn’t really want to be around most of my “friends” so I began changing my social circles.

I was a live jazz and gospel vocalist before Corona ended all my work.

That’s when I did it a second time.

I still love and continue to do music, but I realized I was tired of poverty so I started exploring fintech. I discovered that I find finance really interesting. I love trading. I love the political aspects of decentralized finance. I love the crazy emotionality of the markets. I’m down the rabbit hole. That’s been a surprise.

I still don’t feel like I really have a solid identity; I just feel torn between different parts of myself. It’s been about a year so perhaps I should do it again? I’ll think on that. I’m in the middle of both Wealth Magick and Success Magick (GoM books by Damon Brand) and I’m already feeling overtaxed some days.

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