Weakness after rituals?

Do you guys feel some kind of physical weakness and some mind tireness?
I mean…i did a lot of rituals this holiday, and after some rituals i had more rituals to make but my will to make them was zero and i was really lazy to perform them.

I also noticed some physical weakness after the rituals.

Oh yeah, I think it comes from having an amount of energy flowing through the body that its not normally used to. As I started yoga and merkaba meditations, I’ve noticed the fatigue doesn’t happen as much, or when it does, its not nearly as intense. I’ve been noticing that my skin gets really dry afterwards though…like crispy dry. Still trying to figure out what thats all about

Generally once I finish performing a ritual I’ll have something to eat, play videogames for half an hour and then pass straight out, totally draining.

I think you really need to put it all out there during ritual if you want results

“I think you really need to put it all out there during ritual if you want results”

I concur with Soundwave. However, i’d like to add from my own experience that pre-ritual rest, eating well, sleep…taking care of one’s self is crucial. About a month ago i did a ritual with Tevid Altier - a Demon from Sorceress Cagliastro’s 26 Demons Text. Miserable.

I wasn’t sleeping too well the week before, eating was eh…and I wasn’t as consistent with my meditaiton. The ritual was not a success. It called for me cutting my backside of my left thigh…blah, blah, blah. Anyways I was tired, covered in blood, it was late in the AM (3AM), and I found myself rushing through the working…not good. Post-ritual I was in a semi-deep depression and fucking fatigued.

Maybe you called something that really fucks you up?

After ritual i go play videogame, its the best thing i can and most efective till now to get out of the ritual for me.

But right after a while i will want to sleep.

Yea, sure thing…preparatory immersion is a pre-requisite. (sometimes fasting…)

To repost from another thread:

The way that I teach ALL forms of magick taps you into a limitless well of power, from which you can draw endlessly in order to project your vision into reality.

That being said, the vehicle of transmission does need to adjust itself to such high levels of energy passing through it. So, when you charge one sigil, you might feel a certain exhaustion. You’ll find that with repetition, you’ll be able to do more and more before hitting that ceiling.

However, it’s not a matter of drawing from your own lifeforce (with the idea that your lifeforce is limited), that causes the exhaustion, but just the fact that your body is funneling an impressive amount of raw power!