We should have an off topic section

Because it’s nice to talk to strangers about stuff that isn’t magic, like personal issues.


There are all kinds of forums out there that that is for. Although it might help open the doorway for some new to magickal stuff that want to start talking but might not know what to talk about.


If that is the case we might want to ask the owners why in the fuck they banned political discussions, lol.

@PegiiJune_Limberg $10 says that if you can present your idea to management in a way that makes them see dollar signs, you will get your request.


Yes this is true new comers can become intimidated and afraid to talk because they do not know what to say in regards to magik, but this could most definitely change that. :thinking:


You can PM and talk to anyone about anything, open private group discussion about any topic. I believe there are no rules against that.

I agree with management, the forum should only focus on magick-related topics. That’s why we are all here, but that doesn’t mean we have to limit our own lives and actions with forum rules :slight_smile: We can exchange information, ideas, thoughts and opinions in any way we like. Without using the forum itself as public platform for things unrelated to magick.

I personally think the decision about political discussions was very wise and accurate. That’s why I disagree with your request. One of the best things about the BALG forum is that it didn’t follow the steps of others to get more members, rankings and page views… they care more about quality and I believe they should keep this successful strategy.


i felt that the ability to set up group working & networking topics of any kind provided they were on-topic to magick, contained a working/magickal agenda at their core, and have them protected from attack and heckler’s veto, was a thing that made this forum highly relevant and superior to others where the question was never addressed and flamewars were common. :man_shrugging:

But anyway as stated you can start a group PM or whatever, and for non-political stuff if you want to make a post inviting people to PM you to chat, do it in the That Moment When thread, which functions as a kind of chat/off-topic hangout as well as for TMW moments. :+1:

I’ve made this to try and meet some of that need, see if it takes off:


True, but also it’d make the board more tidy.
Some stuff, that is carried over 200 pages would fit much better towards off-topic,
however, that’d take increased edeting and modding work, at least while the transition.




Yes it was simply a thought, But I will be happy to help in anyway I can! @Yberion