We are living in an indisputable golden age for Magick

So over the last day or so, I’ve been reminded of how fortunate we are from an occultists perspective to be alive now and not a few hundred years too soon, or a few hundred years too late. We live in this goldilocks zone where we are progressive enough as a society to not punish or ostracize individuals for practicing something other than one of the mainstream religions, or worse yet, to be alive at a time where this knowledge was reserved only for those in the innermost circles of power, like the pharaohs court. And at the same time, we are not too progressive and open minded as a society that magick is as prolific and as common as filling ones tank with gasoline…a world where your magick to influence your boss to give you a raise, for example, would likely fail because your boss and every other coworker at your job is working their own magick with competing interests.

The current moment is progressive enough to give us all the info we could possibly need at our fingertips to work powerful magick and create our own mini empires, but conservative enough that it allows us to maintain a competitive advantage over our peers who are totally unaware of Magicks existence. Given the prime opportunity we have here to make a difference in our lives, I do find it somewhat disheartening when I see someone in this space wasting a lot of time on things that aren’t really putting them in a more advantageous position (or worse yet, moving them backwards). I wont go into details about all that, and of coarse, people are free to practice magick as they wish…but I thought I’d make this post today to remind everyone of this one simple fact:

You live in the most advantageous time possible to be an occultist. Will you milk that fact for everything its worth, or let the moment pass you by?


Agree! I look forward to when science and spirituality can coexist too. But we are closer…maybe.


Very true. And long ago most people used to go to the local Magician to break curses and such or use folk practices for that, and faith was much greater. Today, most people don’t even try to defend themselves in any way.

Only issue is, it’s not quite like that everywhere yet. There are still some areas in my country where you will no doubt get killed for practicing magick, and a lot of people here do actively go to get cursed removed and get spells done by traditional magicians.


I see, in my country we are quite open to spirituality but I’m not sure many people take occult related stuff that seriously.

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Science has proven many things from spiritual paths. Look up “the gateway report” as a small example. Science has proven we share DNA with trees and according to norse culture we were made from trees. Science has all but proven the existence of magic. I’d say we are getting along just fine with one another.


Well I mean sure, science has also proven things like “energy can’t be created nor destroyed” among many other things. But you won’t find science stating that spirits and stuff exist. So we still have a ways.

Some would argue that paranormal investigators are indeed scientists. They haven’t proven anything but they’re damn sure trying. We are getting there though. I believe a quantum computer or something stronger that hasn’t even been thought of yet is necessary for the technology required to actually find any proof. We are getting there though

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I believe we are too, hopefully within our lifetime. Would certainly be exciting.

Yes especially when it becomes easily accessible. I would love to have a machine that can prove to my family that I’m not insane lol

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If you want to get technical, there are many occultists that don’t believe spirits exist either :man_shrugging:

These days, it seems like a lot of people are under the assumtion that spirits and magick absolutely must go together, but that just isn’t so. Magick can be practiced without ever having to believe in demons, angels, God, the Great Purple People Eater, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Satan, Lucifer, Lilith or any other external force.

The PEARS lab at Princeton University proved, to a statistical certainty, that human consciousness affects physical reality, and that, really, is all that is required to perform magick. No demon or angel or elemental need apply.

However, the thing is…few people care, especially in the Western world, which fully embraced the Enlightenment, and scientific rationalism several hundred years ago, in direct opposition to the superstitions of the Church control apparatus. But because of that rejection of magick and the supernatural, we are now technologically superior to most every other culture in the world, though some seek to return us to the Dark Ages when religion reigned supreme by retarding scientifc progress.


I’m into the occult (study of the unknown) more then I am Magick, although I do like energy work/etc.

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The science of today was the Magick of the past.
The Temple of Set did interesting work for some interesting people.

That stated, I’m lhp and therefore try hard to be a realist, living as I do in the real world. The types of life we all had are gone. Normal isn’t coming back. Ever! This will impact upon practitioners and their Magick. For example, in the Land of Oz our federal/feral treasurer has advised that we will be in debt to at least 2060 (and I think that’s without interest rate rises). From a personal perspective, I had the best and you young 'uns can have the rest. From a Magickal/Aeonic perspective, things could hardly be going better.

And remember that almost physical energy I told you about and how to harvest and direct it? It’s here already with a lot more and a lot stronger to come. So why waste?



Synchronistically, Im reading this on Independence Day. What a time we live in with so much more freedom than those that came before us.
I, for one, intend to milk it for all its worth. I feel truly blessed that I not only realize that I Am the God/Magician I’ve been waiting for (for eons if you count past lives) and can declare it without fear of a firey or watery death. At any point, I can summon up the reality/timeline I choose, move in that direction and manifest what I need. This is the real meaning of independence and freedom. Happy Independence Day to all the kindred souls on this site who have become their own living God (or Gandalf, if you like). :person_fencing::statue_of_liberty::sparkles:


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And this, @Verdo is pure gold!

Much appreciated context for new ones like me who oscillate between “this really works!” to “why should i keep doing this?”

Bookmarked with thanks! I will return to this in moments of regression. The only way forward is forward.

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I believe that when neurolink is released as a public Technology it will enable us to share our occult experiences directly instead of filtering them

I must say that the prospect of having the ability to upload one of my rituals to my YouTube channel or something for other people to observe from my point to view is very fascinating

5th wheel that tech is…
All tech come to think of it.