We are finally moved but still waiting on the movers

As of now, I am living in North Carolina. I’m no longer in New Jersey, but currently staying at my grandmothers house till the movers get here.

We’ve had the house my dad grew up in renovated on the family farm, much to his delight. The house has been modernized. I even get my own personal den. So, that’s cool. I get a large space to practice my ritual work, and the property has tons of history. I wouldn’t be surprised meeting the spirits of some relatives.

The town is very small and, aside from bars and a local game store, there’s nothing to do. I’ve found some things in nearby towns, but I have to acclimate here first.

However, I just can’t find anyone who I really want to talk to. This is a very traditional town, so anyone my age most likely is married, has kids, or is making plans for such. Yes, they do that early. So I have to hang out with college kids. Plus, the Southern accents are kind of annoying.

I’ve put up several things till the move is complete, and it still isn’t. This situation is dragging on and on and on. I’ve tried making certain attempts but can’t bring myself to doing it.

I at least have all four of the pentacles I wanted. I was worried, cause one or two was about to be postponed till after we move. So I might not of gotten them. I have two books with methods of consecration and have another delivering today, so that makes 3. I also have D.H. Thorne’s vampire handbook coming in Wednesday, to complete my collection.

I am considering the mars pentacle that wards off diseases, but idk how it works. The book says you have to press it against the inflicted body part. So, maybe I’ll get it in the form of a ring.