Ways to Return Lost Abilities?

I dont know if it’s quite the right category for this. I am new to certain things but I’ve actually been doing spells and meditating since I was 4. I honestly had no reason to think of doing so as a child either, coming from a strict Christian family. But I’ve had to learn on my own in secret so it’s been rough learning more and more new things which is why I placed this in this category.

Now onto the main topic. Growing up I used to see spirits. And I used to see the future in my dreams and easily speak with spirits in my dreams. I also have astral planes (I remember looking down upon my sleeping self from the corner of my ceiling and having a distinct knowledge and feeling that I was a physical form there.) But a few things happened.

1 - I gave myself a black eye in my right side (dominant side) that was so bad I couldnt open it for 3 months. After that I needed glasses. After that. No more spirits. Dont know if the glass from the glasses messes that up or if it’s my eyes, as I can sometimes see things out if the corner of my eyes.

2 - I died. We were camping and I died of hypothermia because my parents didnt think to keep me awake after I got wet in a freezing lake. I know I died because I was in a dark place for a long time then came out somewhere that was all fields and flowers. With mountainous areas, crystal clear water, fruit trees and plants everywhere. And only animals. I was about to take a step in when a voice said it wasnt time yet. And I got forceably sucked back through the darkness and woke up to my mom laying near me and saying my name while shaking my shoulder. She said I wasnt breathing and it worried her. After that. No more future dreams.

3- when I was 16 i had 3 dreams of one demon. He kept saying my soul belonged to him. That if I agreed he’d return my true power to me. He’d make me who I truly am. As I said I grew up in a heavily Christian environment. With fear of gods wrath implanted in my mind. I knew he wanted me to say the word “Deal” but I said NO. 2 more dreams of me saying no and every other ability went away. I even used to dream of this mansion many nights. That had one room I just couldnt ever get into but I needed to. And that dream stopped too.

I need to know if theres anything I can do to return all of that to myself. It honestly drives me insane that I dont dream almost at all anymore. If anyone can help I’d appreciate. I need to know who the demon from my dream was too. But nobody’s ever been able to answer that question. But thank you for any help.

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Well saying gods wrath to me means that you have taken a step back from it all due to the i flyende on the Christian uppbringing.
Not unusuall for kids to have easy acces to magic abilitys as thy doesnt understand that what they are doing is ”impossible”.
The quick answer to your question is yes you can get hour abilitys back it only takes commitment and practic.

Okay as for #2… WTF is wrong with your parents!!! That’s something they should have known!
Okay, sorry but had to get the out.

As for the demon… anything asking for your soul is a red flag and NOT to be trusted; daemons don’t want our souls.
I get the feeling it might even be inhibiting you on purpose. There was another post here before about a demon impersonating Archangel Michael and sapping the posters strength, etc because he wouldn’t do what it wanted. I think this is what’s going on.

I’d consider doing a banishing in your home, when your alone if possible, and then a cleansing and warding.
I don’t think this will get everything back for you but after this you can call on specific spirits using their sigils and ask for aide. I don’t know which daemons can help with this kind of thing off hand but Archangel Raphael is said to be a phenomenal healer.
Here is his sigil.
I hope this will be a start for you. I’ve lived with what I have and have worked on honing it; it’s part of me and the idea of loosing it like you did, it’s horrifying to me, but I think you can get it back.

It’s all in your mind.

Nothing is lost. The door is just closed. Either someone or something bound you for some reason, or you got scared and bound yourself, but either way, the door has been locked and you simply need to find the key.

1: A black eye, no matter how severe, would not, in any way, affect your spiritual sight because you do not perceive with your eyes but with your mind. This is why people can suddenly start seeing spirits when their brain is damaged in some way and why physically blind people can see spirits just as well as a sighted person.

2: The near death experience scared you and caused your subconscious mind to close the window to your precognition. It is important to know that you always dream, you just don’t necessarily always remember them consciously. It is a natural function of your mind and happens to everyone except those in deep coma or close to brain death.

3:In my opinion, the demon doesn’t really exist (which is why it can’t be named) and is simply your mind’s manifestation of fear due to your Christian upbringing, in which abilities such as you describe are considered satanic (never mind that their Jewish savior exhibited them).

From everything you described, it is my opinion that you should be looking for an internal cause, rather than something external to yourself. Nothing you have mentioned points to an outside force, but to your own mind closing things down either to protect you, or simply due to growing up.

It is well known that abilities exhibited as a child can and do cease upon puberty and adult hood, partly due to environmental factors, like the influences of parents, and friends, and religion, as well as the natural changes your body and brain goes through due to the influx of hormones and chemicals that flood in. I myself used to have a high degree of energy sensitivity and empathic ability until about the age of 12 when it was taken from me due to internal factors.

My suggestion is to meditate and travel into your mind to find the key to unlock yourself. An external force, like an angel or a demon, may be able to give you advice, but if it is an internal lock, they won’t be able to undo it. Your subconscious mind is the portal to your Divine Self and knows far better than your conscious mind or any angel or demon what you need.


Yeah. He was pretty scary. Also I’m pretty sure he used to appear to my brother and I in our parents home. As a hooded/robed shadow being.

And once I was being mushy to my boyfriend and said “My heart and soul belong to you.” And that night (had my even mentioned him to my bf once) he appeared as a shadowy thing to him and slashed into his leg with claw-like fingers. My boyfriend said it was like he was super tired and paralyzed when it occurred but that the pain from it was unbearable and like he cut into his soul. I never said that statement to him again after that.

Thank you very much for your help.

Well… I had a friend. He was born 5 days after me. And we seemed to be soul mates. But when we were 10 he died of a brain aneurism. His death wrecked me so badly I’ve only recently began to mend from it. Thinking on it, that’s when everything really started to break down. I will definitely do my best to meditate.

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