Ways to enter the sync

Hey All,

I must be very thick headed because I cannot, for the life of me follow EA’s directions for entering into the Theta/Gamma sync. Visualizing my surroundings and “sinking” into them doesn’t seem to work for me. I have begun combining the cloud relaxation exercise from Questing after Visions with the countdowns in Christopher Penczak’s books and I do seem to enter trance but I don’t know if its the sync. I don’t think its deep enough but I can’t tell. I don’t feel like I’m “falling through rings of reality.” My head feels like its stuffed with cotton and sounds around me become muffled. That is all, though when I used the countdowns without the cloud exercise before doing the communing with Darkness meditation from WoD, I felt like I was leaning sideways, even though I knew I was still upright in my chair.

What i would like to know, from those more experienced here on the forum, is what method do you use to enter the sync, and what are some suggestions you may have to help me deepen my trance?

Thank you all for any help you offer.

FWIW, I have supplemented my meditation with binaural beats and this seems to help. In meditative states when opening sigils I can sense my astral body preparing to project.

Hello there- just a thought on where you write: "My head feels like its stuffed with cotton and sounds around me become muffled. "

-I think that is the point where you are near the threshold, so to speak, but sort of looking the other way~ as if turn your attention in a different direction, but staying where/how you are.

So in other words, the dropping through the rings is something you experience from there if you sort in that state let go (as if you had a stick/pencil/pen in your grip and you don’t throw it down, but you just loosen your fingers and it just slips downward)- not a further focusing of your attention, no effort (as already gathered), but a release (falling awake, instead of falling asleep).

-I don’t know how that might be interpreted by someone reading it, just popped in mind as I read the above two notes… I think the dropping through the rings and others parts EA mentions is something that one Experiences, but not something you do (you don’t try and feel dropping, or make it do that… more a landmark of state change).
-so in your post you mention some state aspects but not go after them directly, rather as you develop a state of mind (and of energy-shift) those things occur. <<sort of how one can visualize a color energy and “imagine” a feeling of movement to indirectly access/trigger an Energy-flow, but that is only as a “setup”>>… the Energy-flow, or dropping through the rings, is the thing and it has to be from and in a different state of mind than usual.

(so your sense of id-entity changes, like putting on a different “hat” -but in a big way- and that person, ie that part of you, that persona knows how to… and just shifts that way) If you think of doing that in your usual state of mind and think how do I? -that’s the first trick (the shift is where “from”)

(like how a person can glance and see if a picture hung on the wall is “straight” vs crooked, if flowers are arranged in balanced 'arrangement" or not… if clothes colors and styles match… [just running with examples there- trying to assoc with things that if you 'get it" easy, if not- how could? not try and “learn” just shift mind-set]

“Aspire to be like Mt. Fuji, with such a broad and solid foundation that the strongest earthquake cannot move you, and so tall that the greatest enterprises of common men seem insignificant from your lofty perspective. With your mind as high as Mt Fuji you can see all things clearly. And you can see all the forces that shape events; not just the things happening near to you.”

  • Miyamoto Musashi

The better you get at reaching and maintaining the trance state, the stronger your perceptions of it. From your descriptions, it sounds like you’re basically there, so I would just move forward with your operation. You’re not going to experience it just like EA’s descriptions yet, because you’re not that advanced. You should have a good enough trance to have successful rituals, and with more practice, your rituals will get stronger.

The method that I think is the most clear is the Invoking Omnipotence exercise from Evoking Eternity. It has good visualizations, and also sets you up in a good position of authority to work your rituals. If you are able to “open” sigils once you are in the trance, with the visual feedback, that is also a sign you are in at least a light version of the trance.

Keep working your rituals. And also perform your trance exercises outside of ritual to hone them in.

Hey All,

I appreciate the tips very much, everyone.

Taokua: If i’m understanding you correctly, you’re saying I need to let myself sink into the trance more. However, I am a control freak and so letting go is difficult. But i’m trying LOL

redcircle: I have practiced Invoking Omnipotence, but currently i’m working the Darkness of WoD and my mind has a hard time reconciling the two. I’m too caught up in the illusion of opposites. Can’t invoke Light, if I’m invokinng Darkness and all that :slight_smile: Any pointers on staying in the state while moving? I have found that any movement I make, even if its just moving my hands, lightens my head ( I get dizzy when I stand)

LOL- not so much stop controlling, but the actual part (like moving the fingers of your left hand by grabbing them with your right hand and moving the fingers- vs activating the LeftHand).

I think there is a focus on the concept of “dark” in other threads also- vs the darkness (also the “light” of energetic-awareness isn’t really concept of light)- just IMO. but the dizziness… growing-pains? (that intensity may be per taxing your resources, doing more than did- so your system will adapt to that, just as muscle-exer, or endurance or coordination stretching.
If feed into the system that supports what you are doing directly… you can support its development, vs indirectly: ie stress it and then wait and hope system develops on its own- as in Exercise-rest, vs “chigung” methods of directly developing (for those that have that technology, which isn’t “visualizing while breathin-purposely” :slight_smile:

One might work on the edges- ie try and not “too much” but build up a bit of that awareness (as you mention) and then let that awareness a bit (ie back off) while just the slightest movement of finger- not even a wiggle… and see if that state-awareness can be held even a little.
-rest: later while moving (say the old “twiddle your thumbs” -circle them slowly- see if you can sustain movement even very small and slow while you bring up any of that awareness (the darkness underneath and behind the shadows… the foundation upon which)
Both above based upon having some skill in triggering that awareness sense (and the associated “shift” of mind and energy)… once can to “stay on the edge” is not too far, but just on the edge of where it gets fuzzy or you start to loose it, back off and move sideways … ie many ways to modify vs just more or less… how can you change it, while sustaining?

Seems your finding out some neat things- and perhaps triggering some expers for Other(s) -luck

What i do is i just sit, relax and breath in and out slowly and either close my eyes or gaze at the space in front of me. eventually i will begin to see waves of color, usually green, take over my field of vision. it goes in and out and gets more and more intense the more i pay attention to it and let it take over. this lets me know that i am in the theta state. i think this comes to me easier because i go to sleep every night with theta 4.5hz in my headphones.i have been doing this every night for over a year and my hypothesis is when i meditate or sit in silence for an amount of time, my body and brain gets tricked into thinking it is falling asleep and will begin to “playback” the theta brainwave even when i dont have headphones on because it has been trained this way. i hope this makes sense

4.5Hz makes me nauseated:(

fyi, that’s 270bpm if anyone’s interested.


Yeah? Here’s how you do it: you practise it, even month after month, until it does work for you.

DarkestKnight thank you for asking this question because I have the same trouble. Ive found the more I practice and meditate the easier its getting to start relaxing but still cant quite hit the point of rapture EA talks about. So thank you again for posing this question.

Personally I don’t use binaural beats but I did come across this album used for trance induction for anyone who might be interested in something African-themed. Check out the samples.


I’ve tried binaural and isochronic with not much success. I’ve tried various frequencies trying to find one that clicked for me. Strangely the ones that have some relaxing music mixed in seem to work better than the ones that are just beats. Listening to Shamanic drumming was a no go as well it just got annoying and pissed me off.

Sitting in a chair in a reclined position or laying flat on my back work best for me. I’ve got problems with my lower back so sitting on the floor in medatitive/yogic poses for extended periods hurts like hell and isn’t conducive. I meditate until I feel weightless and feel like I’m falling and spinning through the air, once their I open my eyes and gaze like I would to open a sigil until I see the static rain. I can maintain that state only briefly if I have to move to do other things I lose it and have to work myself back into it.

"My head feels like its stuffed with cotton and sounds around me become muffled. "

Hello All,

I can relate to this as well. Being a practitioner of Buddhist Meditation - Jhana’s etc, i can tell you when I first started to feel this…I was on the threshold of a state called absorption. my problem was my conscious mind!!!

When I realized I was getting where I wanted to be, my conscious mind stepped in…"Hey am I meditating? Is this a Jhanic Absorption state? etc…’ which took me right OUT of the state i was relaxing into!

From my experience, I can tell you that when I focused on the method and NOT the results of what I’m doing & why I’m doing this, my progress came quickly. When my conscious mind woke up to the fact that I’m on the cusp…i consciously did the opposite - I slowed down, breathed, and relaxed into the method and voila!!! Basically, it’s training oneself to do the opposite of what we’re accustomed to in the beginning. Another suggestion is consistent practice with ALL of this. To me it sounds like you are in the sync however, you are just not accustomed to that state yet. For meditation practitioners, the fading of outside sounds head feeling like cotton…good stuff. The cotton for me is energy actually being concentrated in my brain via a relaxed conscious effort through the breath.

Be well!!!