Ways to create sigils: what are some of your preferred methods?

I just wanted to ask what some ways some of you use to make sigils. The way I personally use is to First focus on the goal of the sigil then I state its goal once twice and on the third time I cast a set of runes, finally I combine the face up symbols from the runes in a way that feels right all while focusing on the goal of the sigil. This is my proffered method what are some of yours.


Goetia Girls Succubus Sigil Generator

I used the chaos magick of making sentences and reducing down to a single glyph but I come to prefer using the Goetia Girls Succubus Sigil Creator which is modification of the Rose Cross Sigil Generator.

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I like the Rosy Cross cause it’s easy & I’m lazy, lol.


Invoke a demon related to the thing you’re trying to do, do into a deep meditative trance, see the sigil in your mind, copy it down.

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thanks for sharing the ways you use


Why is it called a “succubus sigil generator” though? :thinking:

It just seems to be the Rose Cross, only painted red. I assume it can also be used for creating seals from even named spirits, just like the original.

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@ DarkestKnight the Succubus Sigil generator is based on the original Rose Cross Sigil generator but pay closer attention to the layout and you see different letter placement. Therefore the Succubus Sigil Creator isn’t just the Rose Cross Sigil Generator painted red.

Succubus Sigil Creator http://web.archive.org/web/20121118073822im_/http://www.goetia-girls.com/Images/succubus_rose_sigil_creator_generator.jpg

Rose Cross Sigil Generator http://www.wisdomsdoor.com/wb/images/hwb-sigil-2a.gif

But what makes is a “succubus sigil” generator. I looked at it, and didn’t see much difference.

DarkestKnight because it’s been aligned specifically to craft sigils for creating and, or summoning female spiritual entities. Yes I know they are people that claim spirits are just energy and don’t have gender yet those be the same individuals that almost always referring to spirits as males despite claiming “spirits have no gender”.


So if you used it to, say, create a sigil for a known spirit, like the archangel Michael, would the result summon a female version, or the same armoured, kick ass masculine angel as the more common seals?

That’s what I’m trying to understand.

if it can be used to create a sigil for any spirit, like the original Rose Cross, then it is really no different.

DarkestKnight excellent question. In theory if you use that Succubus Sigil Creator to create a sigil for Archangel Michael or some other known spiritual entity and that entity should manifest as female. I did so for the spirit Satanachia and reprogrammed and updated her template to make it more relevant for contemporary times but keep the powers and abilities in tact.

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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DarkestKnight I’ll do you one better. You can do a simple experiment to show and prove the differences for yourself.

Take any spiritual entity or create a customized one for yourself whichever is easier. Then use that entity name to create a sigil on the original Rose Cross Sigil Generator and also take that same entity’s name then create a sigil suing the Succubus Sigil Creator.

Examine the sigils formed from each sigil generator and see the shape and angles and see if the sigils look alike. I Know depending how you draw the lines from one letter to the next that can slightly alter or drastically change the sigil of the entity but no matter hw much you vary the angle of the connecting lines the sigil for the same entity on the Rose Cross Sigil Generator and on the Succubus Sigil Creator will look obviously distinct from each other.

Now the final step summon that same entity using each formed sigil in separate ritual workings. Now you are summoning the same entity so in theory you should get the exact same manifestation but I strongly doubt you will. That will prove & disprove the similarities and differences better using the two different sigil generators.