Water for fortune telling

Hello Everyone

I would like to ask If anyone out there has ability to read water.
Its been told that giving readings and using water as a vessel is dangerious because it attracts entities
So since I have ever known myself I have been into angels and fairies but I never sense any fairy so far
I want to work with fairies and improve myself with that issue .

How do I work with water fairies in order to see things into water.

Is it dangerious

Blessings :pray:t2::pray:t2::purple_heart:

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Water is one of the three major gateways into the spirit realm, the other two being Fire and Blood.

Scrying is the art of seeing into the astral. Tools such as a black mirror, and other dark surfaces, are actually substitutes for the reflective properties of natural bodies of water, which were used in ancient times.

I have never heard of scrying into Water being dangerous though so maybe Iโ€™m misunderstanding you.


Thank you so much
So how do I do that though

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Scrying is a skill, like any other, and takes practice.

Do you know how to open a spirit seal? The same gaze that is used to do that, is used to scry.

Open the seal of a spirit that teaches clairvoyance, such as the archangel Gabriel, or the spirit Sastan, with the intention of learning to scry, and once the seal is open, transfer your gaze from the seal to your dark surface (if using water, it should be in a dark bowl so that when you gaze you donโ€™t see any light reflected).

Here is an inner scrying technique that can help you develop the ability:

If you are really interested in learning to scry, I recommend EAโ€™s Mastering Divination course, which covers scrying into water, blood and fire in depth.