Watch All E.A. Koetting videos on youtube on my channel (with his permission)


Mod Update: This old channel :point_up: is no longer being updated due to the account being disabled.

Reloads, new videos, livestreams and comments can be found at the new channel :point_down:



@AnthonyS I have some of the older 2014 and up videos I don’t see up here yet? Are you still uploading or can I give you some more?

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Do you have the chicken feet curse one?

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That is good please send me everything I have a telegram I have Facebook ah Instagram or wherever you might send that I will definitely upload and everybody else please send me everything also now the problem that I will be addressing here shortly on another post is that they have demonetized my channel for using EA content so now in order to be remonetized again As well as be able to keep his videos I need to react to every single video with facecam and commentary which is nice so you will get to enjoy that but for now my EA videos are unlisted so tomorrow I begin reacting so thank you very much this is very important you know for my comeback here so absolutely huge appreciation.

Hopefully in Mulberry we trust

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Yeah I’m not surprised, that’s why I used Rumble :smiley: And E.A. is on Oddysee. I don’t use pedobook or ig either, they all banned E.A., and I’m not interested in supporting them or even validating their existence by using accounts there.
They’re cesspits: “do not wrestle with pigs: you’ll only get dirty and besides, the pig likes it.:smiley:

But you do you.

You can help yourself right here:

And some of these are uploaded to Rumble here: (on Rumble, I’m not interested in monetisation, but if you don’t accept it the video won’t be searchable, only private, and I wanted people to be able to search for things.)

Timothy also has this link via his email and it’s been a few months, but maybe they’ll eventually take these for Oddysee as well, I don’t know.

I know the one you mean, but I’m not finding it right now… It may have been done right after I took my backups in mind 2020. I do have the cow tongue one, which was one of my favourites. There is also the “Someone Cursed Me! - My Nasty Revenge” which details a mirror reversal hex break that’s very cool. I’ll keep looking, it might be the title isn’t obvious.



It’s actually one of the earlier videos. So pre-2020.

Yes I took backups of everything from the beginning in 2014 BUT, I did not take the livestreams or the vlogs, I took the tutorial type videos.

The chicken feet thing might have been classed as a livestream, I’m not sure, in which case I didn’t save it. Either way it wasn’t titled with “chicken” or “curse” in the headline, put it that way.

I think it was titled something different.

Found it. Many thanks for posting the link to the channel. :slight_smile:

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