Was this astral projection or a dream? Advice/Opinion please :)

I woke up in my bed paralyzed, and instantly thought that this is a good opportunity for astral projection.
Right away I was out of my body and moved towards my door, down stairs and out the main door, outside. I do not remember opening the doors physically.

I was in a way floating horizontally and saw people in the street, kids, mothers and other people playing. I was almost invisible but not really. My body had a subtle appearance like a ghost. Nobody really noticed me until I touched one of the women and she felt uncomfortable and wanted me to stop.

Then I moved around the street a little bit, this was just near my driveway, but the left side of my driveway looked different, it had a small catwalk.

When I woke up in my physical body, I looked outside and no one was there. Was that a vision of how things used to be in at my driveway or area. Was I looking at the past when projecting because I know the astral realm is timeless and can also show past events.

Thank you.


Yes it’s an astral project, next time try to communicate with those people you saw on your street.

Astral travel doesn’t necessary mean it will replicate exactly what the reality is… it’s a travel in your mind using your astral body (emotional body).

Keep practicing. Astral is a strange realm where real and unreal is practically the same thing


Thank you for your reply! I will try to communicate next time.

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