Was this a sign?

Yesterday I invoked Goddess ISIS 2 times . I didn’t got a reply right way so I went to sleep I was kinda angry . I woke up at 2:59 am and I went sleep . At that exact moment I heard someone knocking the roof and heard some unusual noises …Bruhhh I was scared as fuck. I have no experience of something like that before. I remember repeating “Please don’t hurt me” or something like that. So if you ever had this type of experience then please tell me it was a sign… I’m confused lol


Do you feel like it was a sign? If you do, then it probably was.

Signs and omens can very quickly become an easy way to mind-fuck yourself, so really I suggest you not worry about it too much. You do not need to look for them. They will come to you, and when they do you will know. It sounds weird and mystical and shit, but this is literally magick we’re talking about, it’s gonna be a little weird.


Please dont hurt you? Why would a Goddess like Isis hurt you??
Learn to let go of fear you know…
Respect? YES. Fear? No.
If you can’t avoid been afraid try to first work some form of protection ritual that get’s you in a head state where u dont need to be afraid.
Besides i doubt Isis is out there looking to hurt you.
You got afraid you were gonna get hurt and you got a scary response out of it. Ya think it might be connected?


Just going to give my two cents - I don’t think it’s spiritually connected, more connected by fear it sounds like.

My advice to you, coming from someone that back in the day analysed the smallest thing claimed to be signs from entities - try not to think about it. In the end it’ll only cause unnecessary stress.

However, if you can’t shake the feeling that it’s a sign, you could do some divination on it just for insight.

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No, it wasn’t a sign. It was your fear filled imagination playing tricks on you.

Never automatically jump to a supernatural conclusion immediately. That way lies delusion and madness. Always rule out the normal, every day causes first, and then look for patterns.

For example, if the same thing happens when you call out to Isis a second time and a third, THEN it becomes a sign, but not until then.

The first time is an accident. The second time is coincidence. The third time is a pattern.