Was that Lucifer?

So these past few days Iv been working on my “rebirth” and cleansing my self of my emotional and spiritual attachments that followed me from my past. I was thinking this last night as I was drying myself from a hot shower. As I laid there I couldn’t help but to start talking out loud about Lucifer. I honestly been trying to understand what I am to him. One minute he’s there in my life and poke me but next you know it’s like he never came. I was going to enjoy a night “free” but something poked me to put a shirt on at least. I laid down and oddly enough I was able to fall asleep with out aid (Every since I moved here I found it hard to fall asleep when I am suppose to, yet I wake up at 6 in the morning lol)

After I fell asleep I started to have the most very interesting dreams Iv had in a long long time. One part of these dreams displayed what looked to be gray stone with two paragraphs of writing about five to six lines each. The thing is I couldn’t read the words because it was in a different language. Then I saw Lucifers sigil then a line of words about six long. Unfortunately I don’t remember much on what it said but the last word was Lucifer and one of the words was Tasa. I recognized it as a enn. I then told him in my mind that I didn’t know what the paragraphs said and then I heard a male voice said “Yes you do.” So I’m sitting here full well that finally Lucifer came to me in a way that basically tells me he wants to work with me. But I can’t help but to still question the paragraphs. :thinking:


It’s not rare for spirits to talk to us and give us signs through dreams. They often do it and Lucifer gives lots of such signs.