Was solomon a real person?

Was this person called solomon a real person who was apparently the greatest in magick?

He’s more of a legendary figure. He may have existed, although he most likely wasn’t a magician, that is a myth that only came about later.


So then where did the myth of him controlling the spirits come from and why do we rely on it so heavily?


The idea of him controlling demons only came after the Hellenic Reformation of Judaism when they mixed with the Greeks. Before that, Jews didn’t believe in the concept of a “Demon”, that would have been something completely foreign to them, and the concept as we know was only created in Judaism then. So we know for certain that at the very least the original legend didn’t include the belief of him controlling any demons.

The Hebrew scriptures doesn’t ever even mention the concept of a “Demon” since it didn’t exist in Judaism at that time, and 1 Kings 5-7 discusses the building of the temple, and makes it seem that it was built normally by humans, and the construction was overseen by a man named Hiram.

The belief that it was built by Demons only came around the time of another anonymous work called “The Testament of Solomon”, which seems to have been written by a Christian, and of course this was some centuries after Israel was conquered by the Roman Empire and introduced Hellenic Pagan influences into Judaism.

From there on many myths of Solomon being a magician developed later on, also as Islam rose up. In One Thousand and One Arabian Nights there is a story of Solomon essentially controlling a Jinn. So in the Arabic world they also had legends like that, and in Medieval Europe more myths came about.

Magicians familiar with the Goetia rely on the myth of Solomon the Magician because the most influential book on the Goetia is ‘The Lesser Key of Solomon’, which is believed to give the methods Solomon used when it obviously does not. A lot of old grimoires like to tell wild tales or claim to be from a certain pope or saint or influential figure, which is mostly completely false. But that kind of attribution was popular in grimoires.


Basically a preChrist figure

So favored by god that all creation must obey him
Even the rebels

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Even the concept of a ‘rebel spirit’ only came to Judaism much later. It wouldn’t have made sense to the Jews beforehand.


I believe he existed … I mean , a lot of people in this forum work with demons of ars goetia that king Solomon had in his possession , if he wasn’t real then the demons of ars goetia aren’t real either, but so many people get results with them

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Honestly I think the OP is asking if King Solomon was real or just a legend Jewish Sorcerers used the name of that was passed down to us


Ah ok my bad!

Solomon is very much real, and I have been working closely with his spirit for over seven years, but only recently (after pressing him on it for months and making many wrong guesses) found out that this particular spirit who I will not disclose was him all along. I will not say more about his identity or sigil in public without his permission, but he was indeed the greatest magician, greatest king, and wisest man to have ever walked the earth. As magicians, we follow in his footsteps and utilize many of the tools and knowledge that the great King Solomon passed down after he departed this plane of existence.

His talismans have also brought me wealth, protection, security, and increased magical success. The legend about how he brought in 666 talents of gold every year and built the greatest kingdom on earth was no myth, and his commanding voice told me this loud and clear in the etheric plane.


The Ars Goetia was only written in the 16th Century in Renaissance Europe. It even used the Feudal System to class the Demons, with a mixture of the Roman system.


If a spirit consistently lies to you for months on-wards, is it really wise to trust what they say?


Unless you mean that the spirit was unknown and didn’t disclose who they were beforehand?

Oh cool !

The spirit did not lie to me. I was just aggressively pushing by making guesses, researching, making more guesses, and asking them in order to pressure them to reveal these things to me, for my own peace of mind. I was wrong on many accounts, even when I was 90% sure I was correct but that’s more of a testament to how inaccurate, jumbled, and cryptic human history is. Often times searching for the truth feels like navigating a neverending maze, where you might take one path that undeniably feels like it leads to the exit, only to find that it lead you to a dead end, making it so that you have to discard a great deal of what you had long come to understand as the truth in order to reroute your course through the maze and attempt to find the way out again.

A lot of these great magicians such as Solomon, Jesus, and Hermes Trismegistus left behind mind-fucking cryptic puzzles that take endless research to try to decipher, and even then I always can’t help but feel that the answers to these puzzles are hidden behind even more layers of truths and half-truths. It’s like opening a door only to find several more doors behind it.

I’ve always been wanting to meet and learn from the ascended masters and great magicians of old, but there’s seldom any methods mentioned anywhere for contacting human spirits. At this point in time I’m about 99% sure I’m working with the spirit of Solomon, and also fairly certain that I’ve interacted with Jesus on several occasions, most notably in times of desperation. I could be wrong–nothing is ever 100% certain–but I’ll always keep pressing on in search for greater truths.

It still escapes me how to go about meeting the spirit of Hermes Trismegistus, but I am also very confident that he was real as well. Solomon, Jesus, and Hermes Trismegistus were very likely all real people and great magicians (and probably more) who lived in the distant past and left behind massive legacies, and their spirits undoubtedly live on as well.


Could you just share the following information : is the magician Salomon the same Salomon mentioned in JCI religions ? He is an important figure indeed , but I’ve been always thinking whenever it’s the same person.

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He symbolizes a man or woman who builds his or her temple, as in Freemasonry. It’s apotheosis if I’ve ever heard of it.


I believe so, a master magician who is now an ascended master

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The Jews most certainly believed in demons or evil spirits (whatever you chose to call them.) The Babylonian Talmud came from Zoroastrian backgrounds, stories of visitations and spells to ward off demons are existent in these texts. Se’irim and the shedim is what they are refered to in the hebrew. The words appeared in Leviticus 17:7, so they are in the old testament.

To the original question ; there are many accounts of a King Solomon - in different religions, he was most certainly a king that existed. He supposedly asked Yahweh for all wisdom and was granted such (which would include black magic).

The Babylonian Talmud was written centuries after Christianity was born.

With that aside, Se’irim in the Hebrew Scriptures are believed to refer to Animal deities of the foreign nations. Leviticus 17:7 expresses that they were made sacrifices to and worshipped. This Hebrew scriptures at various points mention the people “prostiting” themselves to foreign gods when they had issues of the people mingling with the faiths of the other nations.

The word Shedim also refers to foreign gods but more loosely. Psalms 106: 35-39 and Deuteronomy 32: 17 make that quite clear.