Was I out of my body or not?

Hey guys so basically I can’t remember it all but I remember I was with some friends and we where all in a room and we had to solve puzzles for the next door to open and the puzzle we had to solve was by putting the colours of the rainbow in order I think it was but on the colours there was words so I think we had to make a word so once we made a word the door opened and we walked through and we was in a new area with big glass slide doors so I walked up to the door and outside was all of our body’s just laying there and and standing next to our body’s was a girl’s body and she was wearing a dress with a big bear mask on and she had chains on her wrists. So I called the others over and they all looked scared one of them said “what’s going on” I don’t know what I said but I opened the doors and walked out and the others followed me.

Next to our body’s was a what looked like a swimming pool but it was only filled a little bit but it wasn’t filled with water the stuff was grey so I walked over to it and I fell in then I was back on the edge of the pool but I was on my knees so being extra careful I crawled to where the others where. We all sat on the trampoline that was there and we talked for a bit then I got of and walked over to the house and the house was the house I live in right now and one of my friends asked what I was doing didn’t reply and I just looked through the patio door we have and saw a dog barking at something so I turned around and held up five fingers and my friends looked at me weird so one of them came over to me and asked what I meant I said “ there’s five dogs”.

I turned around to talk to my other friends but they was gone “where did they go” I asked my friend my friend told me they went in the ally way so I quietly walked over to the kitchen window as I didn’t wanna get caught I looked inside and it was empty so I made my way over to the ally way I put my flash light on as it was dark and I shone it in there and there two of my friends where making out and In that moment I felt jealous and hurt then I woke up.

Does anyone know why I saw my body on the floor and what it could mean?

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IS this a dream?

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Just sounds like a dream to me rather than an OBE. :slight_smile:


Yeah It was but it didn’t feel like one

I’m not too adept with dream’s significance. IT COULD be a fever dream, or maybe it’s more.

Hmm I’ve only had 1 out of body experience- and didn’t realize until coming to- I was slammed back in and felt that I was vibrating soo hard !!

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It doesn’t have to feel like a dream to be a dream. Projections are… well, different. You shouldn’t have random things happening, everything should be in a orderly fashion, etc. With a basic OBE, you will see your house as is at that moment, and I’m going to assume that your friends weren’t at your house, yes?

You should also fully be awake, personally, I’ve never had an OBE where I didn’t know I was OBEing, lack of mental fogginess that dreams bring, amazing clarity, even compared to when awake, etc.

But of course, I could always be wrong, I would suggest looking into it more, if it was a dream, then the dream may also be significant to you in some way. :slight_smile:

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I don’t remember falling asleep what so ever last night and no my friends where not at my house the thing is I don’t even know the people from my dream in real life so I’m just assuming they where friends