Warning Graphic Scarification Photos: Scar 3 Almost Done

Greetings to all,
As part of my demonic pact with Lucifer, I had a sigil that S Ben Qayin channeled, carved into my left leg. A painful procedure but definitely worth the trouble. However, the sigil seemed to have a grounding effect associated with it. While it gave a good footing as I walked, it literally felt as though I was walking about with only one shoe on. Therefore, to give myself a more even footing, I duplicated the sigil on my opposing leg.

The photo posted is scar 3, a duplicate of scar 2. It’s about two thirds done. I’m not a wuss. I really wanted to do the scarification all at one time. However, after bleeding so profusely during the procedure for scar 2, I decided to break up the scarification procedure into several steps. To keep the registration of the design stable, I initially tattooed it into place. Then proceeded to have the skin cut and peeled in steps.

As for my pact with Lucifer, he is clearly following through with his part of the pact. Lucifer is always around me and I can feel him around me, guiding me, and protecting me. He is such a warm and fatherly figure that he literally feels like the father I never had…, so much so that I often refer to him as “Father” as I thank him for his assistance in my life.

Other changes are happening too. Physically, Lucifer appears to be strengthening my body. My blood pressure is dropping down back to the normal range along with my cholesterol levels. Even though my gym membership expired the other month, my abs are becoming more pronounced and reverting back to my “pre-couch potato days.”

Here’s a photo of scar 2

What happened to tattoos?

It is cool, it was a good job. Just no color ? haha

Oh I love tattoos too and have lots of them! However, tattoos can be lasered off. Scarification is quite permanent and a procedure difficult to endure for any length of time. i wanted to demonstrate to Lucifer that I was willing to go all the way for Him and to show Him my unwavering conviction to the pact. I have no regrets. I have only my eternal gratitude for Lucifer and the wonderful changes he is bringing about in my life and my immense appreciation for S Ben Qayin for establishing this pact for me. Thank you Ben!!!