Ward Book Recommendation

could anyone recommend good books for strong wards. in my search i haven’t been successful

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Magickal Protection by Damon Brand


personal wards book?

You can use this tutorial to get you started:

I have the Magickal Protection book mentioned but it’s not about “wards” per se, he doesn’t use that term, but about personal shielding, which is more like what you are asking for.

It teaches you about types of shielding and other sorts of protection that are good to have as well in a well rounded psychic protection strategy. In some cases a ward and a shield are the same thing anyway. A ward tends to be around something you own or an object, so it’s a shield around say, your house, your car or your bed. If you can create a shield around yourself you can create a ward around your house.

A ward can also be related to talismans. E.g. buy iron horseshoes, nail them up above the lintel of your front and back doors to stop bad luck and unwanted spirits from entering your house. This is also a ward.


But you’ll have to charge them with protective energy

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Call on Hecate, an excellent book: keeping her Keys