Wanting to test something out

Ok so this is kind of o spin off if my last post about a experience I had with the Norns. But dose anyone know any mild curses that I might be able to test the power of my rune on? Should probably say that it has to be runick.

What is your Rune? It depends. I read your last post and all that told me is the same, most people seem to only understand the Runes from the Surface. So for example you mentioned a Rune that cannot be recreated, and yet in Magick it requires a sympathetic connection…meaning the person has to recreate it in themselves in order to be cursed in the first place.

Then there is the fact that what you read in books and websites on Singular Runes is only a surface meaning. If you bother to “Go Deep” you will find a much vaster and different language than a single rune, as well as many Runic Spells that can be recreated. It would seem that if anything, The Norns gave you a Runic formula that’s probably not as well known.

Hmm. Interesting it did have many different parts of rune like the compass and helm but it also contained parts of sigels. I don’t really know a hole lot about it other then it is as they said experimental. And today I also learned that it burns like fire when I am near any other runes. I will see what I can find out about what ever it is. Thank you.

Rune magick requires a knowledge of the runes. You should study them deeper especially before using them in a curse. Norse magick isn’t an art for those just wanting some interesting symbols to use, it’s a deep esoteric system of different forces of nature represented by ancient neolithic symbols. Rune magick is also pretty dangerous as using the wrong runes together or without a proper knowledge can bring a great deal of trouble to you. Bind runes are a great way to get started using runic magick as you’ll have to study the different meanings of each rune in order to come up with a proper bind rune.