Wanted to Share This Ritual With You Guys

Hello there everyone!I just wanted to give a shoutout to RavenAscent,a good friend of mine on this forum,and more specifically,her most recent video,featuring a ritual of self-empowerment in a Left Hand Path context.


Raven had shared the ritual with me at some point,but still needed to refine it.I had in the meantime jury-rigged my own version of it,which included a much more generalized invocation,that did not involve bloodletting,that had some alterations to it.

I performed the ritual three times in a row,over the course of several weeks,and I had realized that they were catalyzing the transformations that occurred and that have brought me to my present state.I am not done ascending,I still have obstacles to conquer and circumstances to be rid of,but the fact still remains that I am content with where I am.

So,a big thank you to Raven,for entrusting this ritual to me,and now I decided to share it more.I sincerely hope she does not mind.If she does,I will ask Lady Eva to remove the thread completely,so that I may prevent any further damage.

Arcane, do you have any YouTube videos you’ve made? Occult / magick related, that is…

No,I have never made any non-occult youtube videos,nor have I ever made any occult youtube videos.