Want to summon spirits, but scared/don't have open senses? Start here! Safe Servitor for beginners/banishing/protector

I appreciate you sharing Luna. I got the task of spending next weekend over my father’s house which is i know for a fact is riddled with parasites and portals. My step mother and step sister (when she stayed over) has experiences with shadow beings and a form that morphed into the face of a black dog. All activities dwell upstairs… mainly. Footsteps are also common. I have to stay there alone to take care of their pets and have been honestly anxious about it. The house always gave off bad energy… I will definitely summon Luna while I am there… I focused on her drawing and sigil for a little while and I have felt the air clear in my room at my own home so thank you. Seems like she took away my anxiety too.


Update on second day of using Luna. I’ve thought I seen quick movements in my peripherals throughout the day and I was just refreshing her while looking at her sketch on my phone screen and repeating “I love you Luna”. I felt the middle of my forehead tingle and as soon as I said my final “I love you Luna” and then thanked her my phone acted like it was dying and shutting down. You know the spinny white thing iphones have against an all black screen? Well i hurried to put my phone on charge and my phone wasnt even dying! It came back on at 48% charge. It just did this freak thing lol. Maybe thats a confirmation she came through. Never had that happen with my phone before.

Thought id give you an update. :horse::heart:

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Odd lol. Sometimes the things we are trying to banish will do weird things in the area around us, I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone say they’ve had stuff quite like this happen with Luna, but it’s always possible if you’ve asked or wanted her to show you that she was there.

These two things are pretty common, I think because a lot of fears and anxieties cause some of the problems we are trying to get rid of, but also because she’s supposed to remove any negative energy around the summoner when she’s called upon :slight_smile:

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I actually have asked her to give me confirmation because I really need her when i am going to my father’s house. And I need to know if shes around for her big time to shine lol :rofl::sweat_smile:

I even went so far as picking up Damon Brand’s book to push myself to learn how to banish myself, which I learned a couple hours ago (sword banishing). So with his teachings and Luna I hope I will have an easy and uneventful weekend. My worry is pissing something off there while trying to get rid of it. I tried saging the house before I joined BALG and something blew out my protective candle I brought along during the smudging…

I might have to make a topic if I get scared so hopefully someone can keep me company or encouragement if I’m not having a pleasant time. :sneezing_face: I don’t like parasites.

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