Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

What Do You See?

What I got are the words “restless” and “sexual”, black background with a star or some bright light falling down. I feel bad that you saw soo much and i saw so little lol.

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Its Okay Lol. Ive Had A Bit More Time To Learn This Kinda Thing

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Immediately I start nearly singing a tune that would very much fit into the Hobbit films. I see an old man, grey lightly tattered robes, he reminds me of the hermit card. He sits at a table his hand sifting through a bowl of bones. They are small and polished, used for casting or divination. His other hand sits on his chin, a look of puzzled concentration on his face.

Behind him a simple mirror on the wall. Through it a man with black face paint, his teeth bared as he stares back at me. Not aggressive, more a show of strong warlike aspects. The environment he stands in is grey and muted, rain falls around him but he remains dry. He comes closer to me, uncomfortably close as his eyes lock onto me and radiate intensity.


Thank you very much,
Yeah, I´m going through some rough stuff. Lately a lot of aspects of my life have been demolished, but being honest I´m not so sure what to do next. About the mixture of energies, you are right, somehow I have a mixture of darkness and light.
If I understand you saw a man with a peace pipe and then you saw me. Could you describe this man? Also what kind of markings do you see on me, like scars or tatoos?
About hearing The voices you are right again. I try to hear, but the messages come always in more subtle ways and I am not always capable to get it.
About the mixing of magics, yeah I would say I´m kind of eclectic, but under your impression is this more expressed as a weakness or a strength (I know it can be both)?
Do you (or anyone reading this) have any advice?
Sorry for al the questions, but this is something really important for me.

Anyone want to trade?

Never apologies for asking questions for this is how we attain knowledge…,

I delved a little deeper…
The man with the peace pipe was an older gentleman, A grandfather figure the feathers represent his passing and he guides you to talk about things…,

They are tattoos…some of these are markings but some appear to be personal…although you have one scar with physical or astral that hold deep history.

Remember receiving is not only about listening messages comes in all forms…they show that this is a possibility…

My impression about the mixing of magic is not good or bad…it’s your personal choice to choose the path that works for you, it does show That when you feel one type of magic is not manifesting the results you require…you use another technique without waiting…

From re scanning I would say this is neither a strength nor weakness…the power is within you just need to have patience and practice, seek knowledge and allow time for you manifestation.

I hope this helps…

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Thank you…x

Ill trade

I’m really sorry for the late reply, I had to do some awful work first. Also, thank you for the scan, it’s really interesting.

I feel a kind of the very grounded energy, it’s strong and feels ancient in a sense of primal forces like associations. I could sense the strong swishing wind but also, at the same time, it felt controlled. I could feel the smell of wet ground and the rain, wet sharp stones and mud. It’s like a primal force - crude, old but fertile and under the focused, proper control. I have the impression of natural wisdom and overall harmonic nature, it also feels pretty elemental.

I saw the dark night (no stars, no moon) and the fire burning in the middle of some hill. The dark silhouette of the man came out of the fire - felt somehow young to me, like the young, tough and athletic man, the hunter or archer/knight. He was holding a bow in his hands with burning arrows distorted like the rune Sowilo shape. His moves were very fast, confident and springy. I could still feel the air element within him somehow, and sense of inner calmness in big contrast to his more energetic appearance. Like, his expression was very subdued, focused, maybe a bit cold but not aggressive, at all. I had the impression that he had the bull’s horns or something in a shape of it on his head and he had the sun or some solar/light association in the center of his being.


@Akuusha This energy is masculine. I see a blade, like a katana but it’s for ritualistic things like bloodletting (for magick not medicine). It has a red aura around it. It cuts deep quite easily and I see a lot of blood. After which I see a humanoid figure with wings rising out of the void. The background is dark but the figure is darker, and has the same aura as the sword.

DISCLAIMER: if you or anyone else decides to blood letting please do so under the proper conditions. Use a sterile hypodermic needle alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. There’s no need to have the huge scars that I do, and anything that would cause a huge scar has the potential to get infected and kill you.


Mine Or Someone Elses?

Edit2: That Sounds Like My Dark Side, Im Usually Very Girly And Feminine.

Edit: Okay Nvm You Meant Me, You Want Me To Do You?

@Akuusha I don’t know why but that comment confused me. Also, yes please, if you don’t mind. I realized you had yours done by the time I typed that up but eventually decided to post it anyway. x.x

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@Hyze I See A Girl Wearing A White Tank Top, With Golden Chains, One Around Her Neck With Clock, Wearing A Mini Skirt Thats Also White (Pleated), The Girl Is Wearing Many Tattoos, Of Flowers On Her Shoulder, Dragon On Her Arm, Etc. Green Eyes And White Ish Blond Hair. Also Holding A Staff, Like A Healer. Also Wearing Black Flip Flops, This Energy Feels Very Spooky, Feminine Mixed With Maculine Possibly Genderfluid Ish, Reminds Me Of Angels Honestly.


Its pretty easy once you try.

The how to scan thread has been shared here so many times lol.

Never heard of it until now

No problem Steps to perform scan

You have to make an introduction.

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