Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Okay. How about you forget about the last scan and treat this as a new one?

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If i could i would :joy:

Alright then, thank you anyways.

That’s wonderful ^.^ thank you! I have a massive connection to hummingbirds in fact. And I indeed have several spectral guardians as well. Loved the scan thank you! Here’s my go🖤
When I scan energy, I basically get a scene. With that in mind…

I see a flowing river in a snowy sparsely wooded area. Snow is still falling from the sky and there are many shining flora and fauna that drift in the air. There are large crystals growing from the Earth, as well as the usual trees and bushes which are almost naked of any foliage. The river leads up to a stone temple lit let warmly from within. kind of feeling like the heat in the Winter and warming the surrounding wood in an unworldly kway. There is a priestess in all white holding a leather book with 5 jewels and the colors of white red blue green and purple. She’s holding a torch and leading a procession of all females also dressed in white and gold. kind of Grecian in style. They walk alongside the river and up to the temple to honor Apollo and Diana. Each Participant throws several golden coins into some sort of large stone basin as they enter. It is a vision swimming with primal God and goddess power and energy. Lots of healing, earthian & Astral energy/magick. I also get Cherry, Vanilla, and Apple, as well as jasmine flowers and drift wood in ur spirit. I sense the greenman and a strong connection to nature. Whimsical music similar to a classical waltz plays as well.

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Thanks a lot it resonates with me

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Can we trade? I would like a scan about what I posted above. Even if you don’t think it can be scanned, please try, I think I can get some good information.

Scan me ?

@Vulgo Please answer the questions I asked you, and complete your introduction before asking for scans/

I am not interested in another scan for myself atm but, I am more than happy to give you a once over and hopefully that helps you ^.^ although I will refrain from reading about your situation else it be bias.

I see a ocean stirring in the midst of a storm brewing in the sky. The sky is filled with dark blue-gray storm clouds and the rain has yet to begun but is impending. I see a large wooden ship in this vision, thrashing about in the stormy water as any ship would. The vessel still anchored to a empty peir. I see people loading cargo and docking the ship despite the weather. It’s not a panic inducing situation, more like an expected pit fall of the job. There is a sense of electric energy and humidity in the air. I sense there are difficult times to prepare for in order to get where you desire and/or obtain your goals. I sense in ur energy sea water, sea glass, and the chemical element mercury, maybe focus on Psionics. The ocean is both powerful and Treacherous and demands respect. It holds many secrets. Only when one has the proper knowledge should one set sail. Else they end up a shipwreck.

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I’d love a scan from one who’s willing. A general one please. How about you @Silverleaf wanna trade?

I’ll course Scan you right back ASAP whenever I have time to spare. Be aware I am a bit rusty but I’ll attempt to do my best to get it right.

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I’ll trade.
Could you do a general scan?

I heard the sound of ocean waves and felt a blast of wind.

I was immediately shown the deck of a wooden ship, and a man in fancy captains clothes (rather a bit like captain book’s) pacing about the deck somewhat impatiently/authoritatively.

It seemed like very windy sailing and like he was in a hurry but he seemed very excited and tried to talk to me but somehow all I got was a rather excited cry, and some gestures before he went back to pacing around.

Lots of ocean waves.


Lmao, that’s wierd. I just looked above your post and saw something similar came through on the post above.

I wonder what that means :thinking:


Tomorrow we set sail…:laughing::black_heart:

Thank you very much, the scan helped. :slight_smile:

Sure , went to sleep xD but îl do it if still want, in few hrs tho need to get to work :confused:

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Weird that I don’t see any notification if your request was for me. But I am happy to oblige if that’s the case.

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I’ll start.

I see a forest and there are a lot of people impaled on stakes. I get a message.

“The blood draws near, and the world suffers as it can never become the world of lilies and flowers.” I didn’t get everything, but that’s what I made of the message.

That’s all I got.

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Thank you for this it resonates well and it is a bit eerie and I know from whom that message comes. Let me finish up what I am doing and I’ll get to you. I’ll try to not overdo the scans like I’ve done in the past though, you’ll see.

@Adrin would you like to exchange scans?

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Hello @Teras390,

Would you like to trade readings?

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