Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Would anyone like to trade?

Anyone can practice vampirism tbh. Some people do so more naturally but your energy system didn’t seem to have it naturally

I’m sensing a Greek deity around you. Honestly Hestia was the first to come to mind

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I owe you a scan

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Interesting, I’m surprised. I didn’t expect something like that.

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Is it possible to somehow confirm that it is really her?

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Woah. I was a bit skeptical about this all, to be honest, but fuck, I think you hit close to home. Not because I know anything, but because my astrological sign is Scorpio, who’s Major Arcana card is Death!

I’ve also always had an interest in the realm of necromancy, for some reason. Maybe this explains it.

So at least I now know I have a higher self.

I hope I can ask a few questions so I can better understand the scan, if you don’t mind? I’m very new, so yeah, lol.

Can I PM? Wouldn’t want to clog up the chat here.

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Sure dude hmu

You could ask for a sign or ask for another member to confirm this for you.

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Thanks for answer😉

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Yes, i wish to know who is my godself, what is he like you know, if possible sure!

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I got images of an Arab assassin and saw what looks like a Grey eagle or hawk. I also saw and heard imagery of a medieval musician so your Godself has a tie to music maybe look into the Muses or Apollo.

There’s silver, lemon yellow and sun orange colors in your aura and it feels warm and humid as I look into your core, it’s purple almost amythest and I’m taken to your third eye which seems strong af. Your lower Chakras and throat seem very weak though and need work. I also saw a multi colored serpent and a poison dart frog and a stag as totem animals

The Rune Sowillo appears and the God Baldur maybe a guide. Vidar too

You aslo have a tie to the Arabic Pantheon and the Jinn. Try Ishtar and looking into Jinn Magick


May I have a soul scan? I was told before there is a protective presence around me from someone else, but they couldnt get a clear answer of who, or what it was. Ive tired reaching out to it but as of yet not luck. I hope its a dragon. I do love them.

Hey, yes sorry. I went into a major depressive slump and felt super disconnected. I’m just coming out of it so please forgive me if I’m way far off.
I feel the color navy blue, like the depths of the ocean, but warm not cold. I sense a demonic entity to your right though it’s not malicious, just waiting to help. He has horns and a long angular face. I feel a lot of blue around you. Not sadness just the color. It feels nostalgic

Who is down for a scan exchange?

Hello,can someone scan my godform?Thanks in advance

I don’t know if I can scan someone else but I am curious about this.

Ill take that offer

Check out this thread:


General or sth specific?