Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

scan trade?

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Looking to trade with those I haven’t with yet

im new ish. Can someone scan me? also I’d be willing to attempt one. Idk if I’d be good or accurate, but this is absolutely fascinating and I would love to try.

I have never scaned before but i would like to see what my scan would be.

How do you attempt to scan? I’d love to try and do it for others, but I don’t know what to do :joy:

Since this is trading scans mostly this should help those who want to be scanned but also scan others.

I would uf you don’t mind me practicing -ern doing best at this time?

I can trade with you.

Sorry for the late answer. So I could see a silver aura and I could also see an owl. I sensed too something like mercurian energy. I could see a young woman. Her hair was silver and shined. Thats all I got. Sorry I cant say more, but I’m under some stress and its a little difficult to get into the right trance

Anyone want to trade?

I am if we haven’t already

I think we have

I don’t see it

Okay. I can do yours in a little while if you’re good with that.

No problem I’m at work so I’ll do yours on my break.

Good deal

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anyone trade?

I saw a winged being in the sky. White wings and the being was so bright that I couldn’t make out many features other than it looked like a winged human. It pointed to the ground where there was a hooded figure riding a black horse. The hooded figure stopped and looked up. The bright winged being looked like it had it’s hand outstretched and pointed at the figure on the horse as a warning to stop whatever it was going to do or be destroyed. Then the winged being shot back up into the sky almost like a beam of light and disappeared.

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Okay, when scanning you I saw a kind of legion of shadow beings, they seemed vast in numbers yet no one word or action just in waiting, above them at the helm was what looked like a larger shadow person but with more defined features to it, larger and gave off a stronger vibe than the others. It’s energy was cold and smelled like an earthy smell when it’s about to rain. It’s eyes were white but sometimes would flicker white. It had no pupils either, when it rose its hands the shadow people dispersed like sinking into the ground and spreading out like the darkness in the area ceased to be there as they obeyed the larger one.


Anyone up to scan me?