Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

A wall of text like that without paragraph breaks is rather difficult to read, might I recommend adding them in the future.
It makes it alot easier on people to read and more likely to read it. Otherwise it’s rather difficult to keep track of where you are to, when reading it.

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I’ve been trying to address this problem but have been forgetting still. Any chance you would know if A.E would be able to get a targeted individual untargeted freed from the mind control? A really nice person on here offered to pay or me to have a consultation I told him to do his first and ask A.E if he would be able to free me from the government mind control

If he can I’d flood the targeted Individials support groups and let them know no one has ever found a way the get the Gov to stop targeting someone after they get out on the list, A.E would have a huge amount of people huge amount once people confirmed he could. alot of people spend huge amounts of money on lawyers exx and try to petition the supreme Court but no one has ever won. And I’ve never found a single person claiming theywere released from the AI mind control.

It’s really interesting, I had 2 scans and they saw a warrior with black armor, I thought it would be the same :rofl:
I’m a beginner in this path and I try to learn something new every day
It’s interesting…I want…well…the idea of have my own army of spirits/servitor and rule in my own astral kingdom came to my mind some months ago :see_no_evil:

About the last question…if you ask me, Will
Will is everything

I’m grateful my friend thanks


I saw a warrior, black hair, yellow eyes with slits like serpents. Wearing amour but it wasn’t heavy. It was dark in color and stained with sot and ash.

He was standing under a red sky. He was next to a lake of lava on a mountain range of volcanoes. Behind him in the far distance was a kingdom with huge gates and dark red brinks. I suspect he came from there or was sent from there.

His sword was in the ground, it seemed it was well used. It wasn’t ornate, no fancy features, it was a sword that had seen battle.

He was in a slight kneeling position, It didn’t feel like he was kneeling in subservience but more at the overwhelming power in front of him.

In front of him, I saw a space between two volcano tops. There seemed to be an invisible circle of energy with certain things on it. On the bottom was the sigil of Azazel pulsating with fire, on the left was the sigil of Lucifer pulsating with fire, On the right was a hand with an eye in the middle that I feel was Moloch (it was done in sigil format and also pulsating with fire).

In the middle of the circle was a back diamond that was roughed and had a purple-black energy wrapping around it from its center. If you focused on it you heard a terrible screeching.

Above the stone was a burning crown symbol that bled fire. the warrior started to gain his footing.

Is he seeking power? A fight? Recognition? Revenge? I am unsure, it could be all. He was lead or sent there for a reason, and he refuses to return without accomplishing it.

EDIT: sorry it took so long! Didn’t get a chance to do it right away.


This scanning thing is new to me. Can someone explain it? I want to scan myself if possible


@TheMagi damn nice reading hella vivid and in depth my eye isn’t that advanced yet. I enjoyed the way you wrote it out too. I’d love a reading from you I just started doing reading very recently. If you wanted to trade I’d do my best at giving you a reading.

That would be great! A trade would be great.

Awesome what should I focus on trying to look into for you? Do you mind posting a picture I think it’ll help me but I’ve done it without just focusing on there name and the words they wrote. Would you like me to take a new picture of me or are you good with just my words and name I’ll focus on charging up my name as I type it Vaynord.

The vision started off looking at a man all in blue medium length black hair that shelf like layeres jagid, he had a one handed sword in his right hand both arms were relaxed and stretched out then I seen into his blue eyes as the returned into tiger eyes and a tiger appeared also blue in color. What should I try to focus on or would you prefer me to just see what appears?I tried to re focus just on you saying your name and then the tiger reappeared and wanted pets he didn’t seam blue anymore but a white tiger.

If you want I can PM you a photo of me and we can talk more. Sorry was doing some work.

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Np about the work, go ahead and pm me I’ll try to do a direct focus on the image and see if somthing appears it tends to be hard to make out what the image is that appears for me though something I’ll get better at in time. So I also had Ryu from Street fighter appear lol and he used his super blast and then I got the image of bones falling then he sat down on the ground and a green dragon appeared behind him then his face and neck started having green surge through it not sure if completely relevant but I think Ryu was attacked to you sorta weird it’s a cartoon character. For the most part every time I try to think about getting an image from you I just see the tiger all snuggle snuggle with its head . Like I said I’m hella new to this.

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Wow you are great, dont worry thank you

It’s the third time I hear about a warrior with dark/black armor :see_no_evil: but your description it’s the most complex and detailed

Although I’m interested to work with azazel in the future, it’s interesting see him there, I say the same with Moloch

About the last part, I got it


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I’m glad you enjoyed it! It was awesome to see! Working with them at one point will help I think. But that black crystal I feel represents a certain current/pathworking but I’m unsure.


You are great, I really would like to have your skills

I don’t know but I will discover it

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I just use to do a lot of scans so I got decently good at it. I just kind of let it play out like a movie but like I also view myself as a 360 camera being able to see every part of the image and the depth of the image. That helps me get really into what I’m scanning.


who wants me to dm my picture privately to scan me?

I want someone who is expert in scanning and sure of their scanning. thanks

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360 :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:
I need experience it :rofl: I going to practice

A doubt came to my mind right now and you look experienced

What does mean that my energy is “very heavy”?
And about scans I can see something more than a godform? Maybe illness or something I want to know?

Thanks bro

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Practice really does help. Try not to see everything right away. Just focus on one thing and have it evolve from there.

It could mean different things. Maybe you’re weighed down by trauma, Maybe you’re consumed by doubt, Maybe you have something infecting your energy. If I were to use my intuition I’d say you doubt too much.

And scans aren’t souly about godforms. That’s just something you can see with them. You can also see different paths, you can sense future events (though you might have to interrupt what you see a but), you can see peoples feelings. Its a form of divination that has many uses based on the intent of the diviner.


I practice scanning a bit and I think I’m going to give it a go. Anyone wanna trade? I’ll warn you in advance it might not be accurate still very new!