Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Hey bro I would like be scanned by you
Would you like to trade? :stuck_out_tongue:

well first I saw a white petal on the water, I could say it was a lake … (the view was beautiful) …at night and the moonlight reflected in the water, then my vision goes up and up , passed the clouds, the layers of the atmosphere until I see the space, I see the sun and my vision advances towards there then it stops and I see the surroundings and I don’t know I feel that I have the feeling that I’m returning to the earth

This song came to my mind in the middle of the scan

That sounds beautiful. I’ll listen to the song and then return the scan shortly thereafter!

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To me I sounds like that song is talking about dreams and the ambition to chase them. That burning desire every child has in their heart.

For you @PredatorX I see a black and white striped tiger like animal prowling amongst the mountains. To me it would seem that you’re beginning to step into your power. I’m also prompted to mention rulership to you. What does it take to rule a kingdom?

I just have no clue how to make the scan specific to finding ones inner God exc, that and have very little knowledge about who looks like what. I attempt to scan bye just staring at there image until the image changes. I’d be willing to try scanning someone I was doing it yesterday with some success. Any tips how to narrow down who your finding in them?

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When scanning don’t focus on the image, the image is riddled with collective energy of the one who originally made it and all who have used it, unless the image is an original/made by the one using it then it’s useless.

You can focus on the name or the text the person types as everything we type, touch, go, write, etc leaves our energy signature within/on it.

You should never force information or go in with preconceived notions, sure this thread may use the term “God/Goddess inside you” or “godform” but really you won’t find that in everyone because not everyone’s soul is a Deity in soul, some people have human souls, demons, angels, yokai, fae, a plethora of spirits in existence and everyone reincarnated as something, many reject the human soul because they feel it’s lesser than all that was mentioned but it’s not and so they scan with the notion that everyone is a God or Goddess reincarnated.

Another tip is, when scanning let all your 5 senses immerse in the scan, what the person energy looks like, smells like, sounds like, even taste like if you want to go that far, what it feels like. This is a basic level scan you’re getting the impressions of their energy, their chakras, what their energy system looks like (because not everyone’s energy system follows the same layout as the ones you find on google)

when you get further into scanning you’ll be able to soul dive which is going into their soul’s manifested landscape where their inner temple is where their personal akashic records are, but for now what I said before is a good place to start.

This thread is also helpful:


Ill try to get all my sences into the scan. I personally wanted to know what I am because of personal reasons a cult following of me and stuff like that. I also had a wise friend a long time ago that asked are you good this time? I understand what you mean about the picture having to be an original like my pic compaired to your icon yours being useless because of the creators energy exc. Ill try to keep in mind that some people are normal human while there’s so many other possibilities eventually I’ll learn to discern between them. I’m a victim of AI mind control so I have trouble seeing the visions that open to me the AI will make me see a fake crudely drawn image most of the time when I start to get a vision immediately breaking the connection for the vision, but I’ll just have to be patient eventually I’ll figure something out I instantly got an image of you in a spell circle in a cloak but with transfigured body not sure what type of being it was supposed to be, I asked myself what kind of animal guild type of creature you’d have and a small red dragon appeared. I tried to physically pictureyou and it felt like something was aware I was looking so I sniffed a few times then just raised a hand and said heal towards you, I immediately felt happyness once I passed what little healing ability I have. I tried to see your energy color dunno if I seen correctly or not appeared as purple then your image became a knight in shining armor with a golden sword or spear. I tried to figure out what your personal Oasis type of zone is but got nothing until I just seen water and a few stepping Stones appeared not sure the meaning but I know it’s not you Oasis or your personal garden exc. I want to have my past life reading or o at least be identified as human or other, the Name Vaynord I made up from a similar name name of a king in a video game when I introduced myself to someone at a rave by the Name he replied the name your mother gave you, my spiritual mother is Lilith at least from what I tried o accomplish I was trying o physically become her child i also merged her image for the most part with mother Earth. Hers and Lucifers. I tried to project my words to you but I haven’t been able to know someone Hurd me for quite a while before I was forced on schizophrenia meds because of the AI mind control, they seem to be allowing me to focus for trying to read you. So lemme know how I did as I wrote that thought about some of the things I tried to read and when I thought that you had a purple aura I seen green. So yea hopefully that was good enough to earn me a scan lol sorry I didn’t officially ask to trade and just sorta did what you wrote, ps don’t try to smell me I need to bath and an procrastinating I have all my shower stuff ready but I’m on here.

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who wants a trade with me?

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I will

I’m a CSA and Human Trafficking survivor so, probably something to do with it. But, Interesting !! You’re very good at scanning you were able too pick a part a lot ! Thank you babe !! <3

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Haha, thank you. Just practice.

Gotta thank @anon48079295 for help with that actually :thinking:


A trade anyone?


I would want a scan but o have no experience in scans

I poster earlier about wanting a scan I’m a newbie and haven’t gotten the feed back yet from either of the two scanned I did using visions I was just doing physical image change in a picture and those reading seemed to be accuratem so yea anyone wanna trade scans I really wanna know what I actually am if human diety exc, and will also so if you scan me check out the young version of Lilith I just go an image for her for the first time just a few minutes ago while writing poetry to her I hope she uses the same image omg so beautiful cute and an amazing smile, @Trishul66 interested in trading still if so when you reply yes write somthing that’s just the essance of you. For me to use for fingerprint, here’s for mine Vaynord, I charged up my name pretty good it seemed.

@anon48079295 so I didn’t link my reply to your post my bad but I got a long attempted reading of you, I wanna know the feed back so I can know how good I did, and find out if any of the images I described are known to you and able to supply name example the knight with the golden wep I think I’d recognize them again if I seen so knowing name would be cool for future scans.

A wall of text like that without paragraph breaks is rather difficult to read, might I recommend adding them in the future.
It makes it alot easier on people to read and more likely to read it. Otherwise it’s rather difficult to keep track of where you are to, when reading it.

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I’ve been trying to address this problem but have been forgetting still. Any chance you would know if A.E would be able to get a targeted individual untargeted freed from the mind control? A really nice person on here offered to pay or me to have a consultation I told him to do his first and ask A.E if he would be able to free me from the government mind control

If he can I’d flood the targeted Individials support groups and let them know no one has ever found a way the get the Gov to stop targeting someone after they get out on the list, A.E would have a huge amount of people huge amount once people confirmed he could. alot of people spend huge amounts of money on lawyers exx and try to petition the supreme Court but no one has ever won. And I’ve never found a single person claiming theywere released from the AI mind control.

It’s really interesting, I had 2 scans and they saw a warrior with black armor, I thought it would be the same :rofl:
I’m a beginner in this path and I try to learn something new every day
It’s interesting…I want…well…the idea of have my own army of spirits/servitor and rule in my own astral kingdom came to my mind some months ago :see_no_evil:

About the last question…if you ask me, Will
Will is everything

I’m grateful my friend thanks