Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Just an ornament

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A place of many doors…an empty space but doors all around me…

I hear wind chimes and I am guided to a door adorned with the elements, I can smell the wood and can feel the grain of the wood…

I open the door…but the floor beneath me is only clouds…the wind encompasses me, strong links to air…
I See a blue energy which leads me to a female…standing, dressed in a long white embroidered dress Viking style…her hair has sliver strikes running through it.
She holds ruins in one hand and throws them in the air, they freeze perfectly.

she glances at me a tattoo/marking upon her arms marking her history…

Trust your instincts…I’m told to tell you…

She waves her hand and the sky turns dark and she points to the stars…and with a wave of her hand there’s the door…

Blessings @Darktheo

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@C.Kendall do you want to trade?

Could you please scan me? My godname is Zuloc. I would scan you, but I do not know how to do so

Could you please scan me? My godname is Zuloc.

This may help…

Steps to perform scan

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Thank you for this

Did you want to try and trade?

It started off as white and then turned gray. Like it got covered in ashes suddenly.

Thank you. I really do appreciate your very detailed vision. A lot resonated within me and I have a good idea what the various symbolism alludes to. I have not tried to see what my godform looks like yet, so I cannot confirm nor deny the veracity of appearance currently.

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Okay, I decided I want to play along too.
Please scan me. Thank you.


Feminine energy, but the kind that is typically shunned and despised. The shameless and holy whore who is left hungry with desire. The revered and scorned mother who creates through destruction. She whose reflection is the shadow we try to keep buried and is tired of being restrained. She is the one who sees because she’s been blinded in darkness for so long.

Muted colors of black and deep purple.

Your eyes show disillusionment with the world. You want to alleviate suffering and correct the wrongs of those ignorant to the pieces of divinity of which are unknowingly a part of them. A mind troubled with doubt in your own ability despite the confidence you try to expand around you. You are unsure if what you are and have inside you is enough.

In the second photo, the aforementioned feminine energy is stronger. There is euphoria of connecting with that energy as she envelops all around you: from above and stronger from the ground.

When I tried to see your godform, I only received a single image. A white mask in the shape of an inverted curvilinear triangle. It is smooth with no indentations for mouth, eyes, nose, etc. There is a single, black, vertical slit that runs the length of the mask, approximately at 3/4. It would be aligned with the pupil of your right eye. A flash of the color crimson red.

Would anyone like to trade?

Looking at your picture, I see and hear water. Like a mountain stream flowing from a lake I used to visit as a child. Chilled and relaxed. There is a warmth emanating from the photo too, kind of, loving and forgiving, all encompassing. Plenty for everyone and still some spare. But as for your god form I have nothing coming through. I’ll scan again later and hopefully something may appear to me.
Hope that’s ok

After focusing in on you, I seen what looked to be a stereotypical looking Egyptian woman. She was beautiful, though I didn’t get a good look at her face.

She had on white garments, embroidered with golden trims that showed her midriff. Black hair, fringed bangs, shoulder length. She looked as if she was swaying with her arms. It looks as if she was in a golden room (not literal gold, but the atmosphere made it look yellow). I also seen a torch. She could have reminded you of depictions of Cleopatra.


Was this a scan for me by chance?
Or was is for Conner?

Actually, it was for Pastry. However, I can go ahead and do you, as well. c:

I didn’t notice that no one has done you yet. Gimme a moment.


Oh thank you.



Since you posted your picture, it gave me a better visual of you.

The first thing that I’ve seen was a vase, a gray clay vase. It had a what looked to be a red flower in it, but I couldn’t tell what kind of flower. It looked almost like a daisy. It was the only one in the vase. It was sitting on a brown wooden table.

Then I seen two, slender hands lifting the flower halfway out of the vase ever so gently. From what I could see, it was a woman. She had long brown hair that went down past her breasts, but her face was unclear as it was cut off. All I could see was the flower, and her torso. She wore what looked to be a dark green, long sleeve dress. It fit tightly.

The background, had an open, clay-like window. It was also gray. No glass or anything, just an opening. I could see past that point.

It was a reoccurring motif, with everything looking like it was made of clay besides the woman and the table.

Those are the images that I received, from my scattered brain. Lol


Thank you very much.

there we go, hope my scan was ok :+1:

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