Want to contact Lilith

I don’t know if I’m going the right way when it comes to connecting with the demons. I would like to connect with Lilith but I don’t know if this is the right way.

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if you are newbie, i think you need to develop your arcane/astral senses and start with a more patient spirit (i.e. Lucifer). However, Lilith can make your life change for the better but from what i know she doesn’t like to be summoned

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I suggest you pick up a tarot deck and go hog wild.

I think this title suits better for what you are looking for :smiley:

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Lilith acts differently depending on the person. I would suggest you get in a safe place and use one of her sigils for an invocation. Image result for lilith sigil

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I actually am vary familiar with Lilith. I have used tarot and still do. I am looking for something that can help me to communicate with other demons.

Place this sigil on your forehead with a mixture of red ink and your blood at night before going to bed. Then chant the mantra: Lilith, Layil, Ardat-Lili, Laylah. This will connect you with her and allow you to lucid dream and travel to her realm in Gamaliel. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work at first. Just keep doing it and you’ll get there.


This is the same spirit that hates mankind right? I had a female friend who worked with her and during the calling she had an intense state of nausea and had to stop the evocation.

I heard the same stories that Lilith doesn’t like to be called kind of like Murduk.

That being said you could try Liber Lilith. You will either contact Lilith herself or some kind of cockroach thoughtform in a wig. Let us know the results - i certainly won’t be calling her in my magickal career.


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I personally have felt her presence and I never felt hated. It was warm and welcoming. I don’t know how it is for other people, but out of what I’ve read on the form she is just stubborn and doesn’t take shit from no one. I feel like people try to evoke her forcefully and if you know her history look at what happened with Adam.

It all comes down to if she wants to work with you or not. When I was initiated into her current courtesy of Asenath Mason. She was very welcoming and open. She had a plan laid out for me and although I’ve had my ups and downs since then. I’ve been completely motivated lately to reach back out to her.


I’ve never known her to have an issue with being summoned.

It’s simple. Have a red apple, and a glass of red wine when you summon her. She enjoys these things.

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I have never heard of, nor experienced her having a hatred for mankind. Sounds and smells like BS to me. I think it’s best to double-check one’s sources of information, before spreading stories that give newbies the wrong idea.

To those above who say she “hates mankind” or “doesn’t like to be summoned” it’s far from the truth. She can just be very possessive and sometimes demands alot of attention when a Occultist is working with her. There’s a ton of stigma created by people who just misinterpret her wrongly.

Just don’t get on her bad side :disappointed:

I’ve never heard of such a thing from Lilith. While she has her horror stories, and while she seems to have different personalities for different magickians, I don’t feel that she “hates” mankind. I feel she is indifferent about humanity.

She has a keen expertise for reading the true intentions of people. You could put it frankly that she “doesn’t have time for bullshit”. She’s just brutally honest. If she needs to make something known to you, she will. Even if it must be through a negative experience. I admire that. :slightly_smiling_face:


Trust me when i say believe what he says (he is her son).

Hail Lucifer, Hail Lilith.

Hey which is this book?

Draconian Ritual Book.

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