Want input on how I am scanning/sensing energy. Thanks

Okay, so I wanted alittle input in basically what I’m doing to sense/scan myself and others. Not just for finding out stuff/information but I do it when vampirising people when out and about. To get a feel for who is “healthy” and not.

To vampirise-in person
So if in person, I focus in on the vibe people give off. I guess their aura. If it feels good/strong/or I “like” their vibe for whatever reason then I’ll vampirise them…(doing for health reason, wouldn’t be doing otherwise).

For scanning self:
I focus in on my own vibe/energy that I give off. I let whatever feelings/images/etc come and take note of them…now I don’t really know how to scan my core, or get past my aura. My energy always gives me a “grey” feeling. So I’m trying to figure that out.

For Others:
I (when online) focus on their texts (as each person has a different FEEL to me on here which seems to come from their texts/profile pic), so when GIVEN PERMISSION I do that, and try and clear my own mind, then “feel out” their energy signature that they leave online. I let whatever images/thoughts/feelings/etc come, and take note of them then report to said person. MUCH EASIER if their profile pic happens to be of them.

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love your techniques, they’re really good ! you’re doing great, there isn’t a need to be worried . i do these all the time :joy:. but i see you’re really clairsentient. you feel. that’s how you sense energy. clairsentience as a main clarity is really helpful :’).
for scanning yourself , it makes sense that it only stops at a certain point. it’s what spirit allows you to know. everything’s up to divine timing, and when that timing comes , you can scan tf out of yourself and find out everything you need to know. you need to align yourself more. if it was as simple as scanning yourself and finding out who you really are, that would be nice. but you need to put work into that. it’s your soul. you need to find that out on your own. not just through a quick scan. for other people, it’s easier and faster because you can just see into their lives and tell them what they need to know. although you might know more than what you put into words, it’s just enough for them to accept that wisdom and use it to continue .

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