Want help frm proffesionals in this forum

I am facing the following problems in my life:

1)My father,a surgeon suffered heavy losses in finances since before my birthmainly due to treachery of other people backstabbing him due to his benevolent nature

2)My sister did her MBA from the University of Sheffield and got married to a doc in UK.Her married life was terrible,being tortured by husband and in-laws and not letting her pursue her career.It ended in a devastating divorce,as her in laws claimed false charges against her in the court.She is now back in India and was on anti psychotic therapy for months.This left my family financially and mentally totally broken.

3)My left hand got burnt when I waas 12 years.I myself is a junior doctor.All these happenings have left me mentally shattered.I couldnt concentrate on my studies but somehow I miraculously passed MBBS.

My sister is still unmarried ,terribly afraid to go for court proceedings,to reclaim her justice.My father and mother are also very much shattered and keep on quarelling day and night over these incidents.Being the youngest member of the family I am at a loss.Neither can I immediately take all responsibilities on my shoulders as I have a long way to go in the field of medicine to practice it and I have to study a lot to go through my post graduate exams.

Because of this position of my family I would like to into contact(via phone at least) with any of the powerful magicians who have got great results in the forum.I have been to many tantriks got zero results.I am trying this one last try at magic.

I would like to learn evocation if required under someone’s guidance atleast as I dont have that much money at preseent.If I cant hire a magician,please at least if any of you experienced magicians would guide me out of my trouble.The reason i want physical guidance is becoz it assures my mind that I have a person to go to “if something goes wrong” and so that I dont get frustrated due to silly mistakes.

I want:

1)My dad to become financially stable

2)Sister to get a happy married life

3)Myself to get a chance in the premier institutes of India to do post graduation in medicine

So plz guys if u r an adept in evocation and can teach it to me ,I am all ears.If I can hire any of u guys,it would also be gr8!!!So let me know guys what u think!!!

Most so-called Tantrikas out there these days are frauds. Look at all the Aghori in India. Most of them are drunks that do not know shit about Yoga and Tantra.

In any case, why don’t you empower yourself? E.A. Koetting is revealing practices such as Divination and Evocation in his courses. Take life into your own hands and make it your bitch. Don’t rely on anyone else.

astralreek: I am agreeing with Bitterroot here. You don’t want to rely on other magicians, and you want to develop these skills yourself.

Most people will have a very hard time sorting out a legitimate magician who wants to teach you from a charlatan who just wants to take your money. The difficulty here, is that unless you have at least some experience that you have developed in yourself, you won’t know who is who. If you’re having to pay for the teaching, it is that much harder still.

The information to teach yourself is readily available if you seek it out. There are lots of good threads on this forum if you take the trouble to read them, giving pointers on everything from picking a good book to learn from, to the subtleties of evocation, etc.

Further, as you’ve explained before, you have very little in the way of finances even if you were able to find a teacher or someone to perform magick on your behalf. EA’s courses cost several hundred dollars and will teach you much. If you cannot swing that, you definitely would have a hard time paying someone to teach you.

Perhaps you’ll get lucky and someone on this forum will take you under their wing. Keep in mind, however, that few magicians have time for apprentices without drive. You are much more likely to find a teacher once you have taken the initiative to develop on your own. Start working spells and collecting learning resources as you can. Don’t wait on others to do it for you, as your life will pass you by.

You’re better off putting in the hard work of doing things the normal way, and using magick to augment your success as you learn it, rather than waiting on someone to grant your wishes for you.

Two of this forums most experienced members laying it out. A good trawling around these forums would give you enough data to get the ball rolling.

Even if you did find someone to resolve these problems for you, what are you going to do when life throws its next spanner in your works? If you aren’t self empowered then you will spend your life time on the back foot

Thnx a million times for ur comments @bitterroot,@redcircle nd @soundwave.

What I actually meant is that I am ready to try evocation out no probs.But I have had seen so much of these accidents that a phobia does work within me sayin everythings fine abt EA and his teachings theoritically but what would happen if something went wrong?Can I afford to make one more mistake coz perhaps I am the last sane member of my family.

I have had 1 astral projection experience,numerous lucid dreaming experiences,can see auras easily and can do energy work quite easily but all the pressure in my life and my duties at the hospital are making learning trance work as robert bruce teaches it or meditation really tough.

The last time I started meditating when I was in 2nd yr mbbs in my hostel,I was making great progress but months later my sister’s marraige brutally ended.I was so shocked that I even started to think that my meditation practice may have done some kind of problem in my life in the form of some test as I have been through tales of many a mystics’ lives from India with such accounts of tests during spiritual progress.I eventually stopped meditating.

I have read all EA’s books and sometimes I still have queries,I do post them here when I find time,I like reading this forum.Its wonderful.

The thing is that I am actually alone on these matters.None of my family members,none of my friends nd brothers nd sisters r like me.I like to question the Universe,learn everything related to the spirituality on an unbiased basis or a dogmatic religious outlook.I have no one to physically talk to abt these matters.In here spiritual groups are mainly involved with yoga,teaching people to read holy books and being happy with whatever u have lost.They dont empower people but make them escapists nd neither can they answer questions about auras,creation of this universe nd other metaphysical stuff and ask us to ignore them.

Thats why I desperately made this post,so that maybe I could get a kind of fatherly figure to whom sometimes I can ask specific questions ,get some moral support and start evocation right away thinking that if things goes wrong anyway there is someone in this world I can ask for help.

Positive thinking after sudden accidents is really difficult.LOA isnt that easy to use as my personal experience tells me as it requires great effort over a sustained period of time doing those visualising,affirming stuff anyways.I try to keep myself happy and positive as much as possible,but the heart is totally broken I can feel it.

Even these days I have to study in between family quarrels.My sister has got no job,my father is going haywire trying to earn the money to run the family,my mother totally shocked,as she cant understand whom to blame for these incidents.I have to work a lot of will power to keep myself positive and bouts of escapism r very common with me.I even started quietly taking antipsychotics after going to my hospital psychiatrist so that I could try to gain some confidence.But it hardly worked.

Thanking you,


EA’s programs at this time cant be afforded by me coz I dont have that much savings money in my bank…I will try to get hold of them as soon as I start earning more…till that time I dont know what to do.To earn more I have to get my pg quickly.I dont know how I will manage 22 subjects in 6 months among this fighting going in my family.



From your reply, I’m glad to see you’ve thought these matters through so you aren’t just blindly asking for help.

So, you already have the resources you need - EA’s books, this forum, as well as other books and materials outside of these. You’ve also begun developing your skills.

I would suggest not worrying about the accounts and worries of others. If you progress through your practice in a measured and reasonable way, you will not likely run into problems. Begin your scrying and evocation practice, or at least start working sigil and candle magick. If you have worries, try to pick entities that you feel more comfortable working with. While it is possible for entities to unleash great chaos in the attempt to align your path, it is uncommon for someone just beginning to experience these things.

My advice to you is to get to work, and try to lose your fear. If you want to start small and work up, that’s fine. But don’t fear evocation, and don’t fear magick.

Lastly, when selecting entities to work with, try to pick them based on the things you want to develop. You seem to have a lot of fear and imbalance, there are a lot of ways to correct those things. Sure money and stability could make things less difficult, but so would harmony in your homelife, protection from outside influences, and the tempering/strengthening of your will and psyche.

Thanks @redcircle for ur reply.I will certainly start working on magick as soon as I get a little break from my hectic schedule.I think I found my Godfather in you…lolz.

And ya I m a die hard student of magick,metaphysics,ufology nd general spirituality since childhood but in the wrong environment!!

So to begin I was thinking about evoking paralda .Perhaps paralda could help me learn things fast amidst these difficult times.If I know my subject,I will surely be ready to face my exams.Theres not even a decent magick shop here in Kolkata…

So lets get started.Questions I have:

1)Is it better to learn the LBRP before starting any form of evocation?

2)I evoke the spirit nd then cant see or feel anything…should I start asking questions still and try to pick up replies in mind?

3)For learning sigil magick,do u mean demonic sigil magick or the normal sigil magick using jumbled words?Any book suggestions other than works of darkness?

4)As for learning scrying any good book suggestions?

I dunno that I would be much of a teacher for you, but I can definitely point you in a direction to get started. :slight_smile:

You don’t really need a magic shop. Once you have a grimmoire and a working system, the rest of your ritual items are really easy to come by. A black plastic bowl with a little bit of water in it is a great black mirror (or a piece of glass painted or papered black on one side), a cup for a chalice, a knife/stick for your dagger/wand, a box for your altar, a ceramic or metal bowl with an elevated or fireproof base for your brazier. You live in India, so you should have great access to any kind of incense and charcoals you want.

  1. It wouldn’t hurt to start learning the LBRP, but EA gives a banishing incantation in several of his books including Evoking Eternity. Get into the sync/omnipotence, then perform the incantation if needed. You probably won’t need to banish, but it doesn’t hurt to have it ready.

  2. Yep. Evoke as if you are successful. For more details:

  3. You can use the sigil of any entity for sigil magick, as far as I know. Pick an entity you feel inclined to use that has domain over the thing you would like to use it for. You could probably use the basic principles from works of darkness, but adapt it to your needs. For instance, you could charge and open the sigil of Paralda, and ask him (and will/visualize the result) to improve your memory/learning. Pour your energy and intent into the sigil, drawing Paralda’s power to manifest your goal. Thank him, and put the sigil away. After a period of time that you feel is fitting (days, weeks, months), burn the sigil and thank him again. Try not to have too many sigils of this sort open at a time - retire them as needed.

  4. Evoking Eternity has the basics for scrying, and you can probably pick up info in EA’s other books as well. Scrying-type evocation is nearly the same as regular evocation, but you evoke them into the mirror rather than the smoke. It’s generally less energy and time intensive in my opinion, and still serves to open the link. I would recommend scrying as much as you can, and do evocation less often because of this. The more effective practice you can get, the better. Once you get to the point that you have your own opinion about how to practice, you’ll know when to set aside the guidelines I’ve suggested for you.

Thank you,empyrean93 for ur insights and ur guidelines.I really have one question to ask,a significant one:

I have tried relaxation exercise and it tries to completely blank my idea leeching all desires and that enthusiasm for getting goals lets say study.Now I am studying say day and night for my exams,and when I relax myself it kind of releases that adrenaline rush and brings out the philosopher side of me,focusing more on abstract contents like what is this reality?what is the purpose of my life?whats the use of money or attaining my desires etc.It really makes me kind of a temporary escapist i guess.
And I dont want to come out of this state at all.

It really doesnt help in focusing on my life’s goals but rather shifts my awareness to the greater reality.And I cant understand how to sync both.I really dont .Plz help me out in this becoz I really lose this adrenaline rush to achieve my goals,if I do the relaxation and meditation stuff.

Is it possible to use the mental quickness,or this "go go go"attitude as if u were in an adrenaline rush while in a battlefield to go into trance by using affirmations or something else?Becoz totally meditation shuts me down ,I feel really like a monk and a powerful urge to give up the social life as a whole.Thats what I dont want right now.

Thank you


“EA’s programs at this time cant be afforded by me coz I dont have that much savings money in my bank…I will try to get hold of them as soon as I start earning more…till that time I dont know what to do.To earn more I have to get my pg quickly.I dont know how I will manage 22 subjects in 6 months among this fighting going in my family.”

Any magician-for-hire worth his salt is going to charge more than 10,000 US Dollars to perform these rituals for you, because of the intense amount of work it will take to make serious movement in these areas of your life. So, not only will learning how to do this yourself help you in the long run, it’ll also save you a considerable amount of money right now!

Thanks EA for the inspiration.I have started working on the sync and breathing exercises for now.Soon I should be starting to scry as given in Questing after visions and evoke once a week.

Actually as I dont know what the magick community “real” of course charges in thw West,I asked my question in this forum.Thanks to all the magicians who have given considerable genuine advices to me in the long run.I wasnt well versed with Western style of magick(namely working with demons and angels,voodoo etc) before coming to this forum.Again thank u to all my good friends in this forum for ur support.



Dear Astralreek,

I can’t tell you how fortunate you are RIGHT NOW!!! I have experienced bankruptcy, extreme heart-ache, the death of many friends, the death of parents…especially my late father whom I literally watched die slowly over a period of a year…etc., etc., etc.,

Now, I don’t mean to sound like some New-Age asshole saying “turn the negative into a positive”, but from my experience man, these “problems” if handled properly will propel you into fucking Godhood. These situations are fucking crucial to your OWN evolution, your OWN tapestry my friend, your own Power!

I agree with everything that everyone has said here. I’m sharing this with you because yet again, I’m redefining myself/this Self for the umth teen time! Mr. Koetting and the people on this forum are ALL about YOU the individual grasping your own Power. Fuckin’ Rockin’. Believe me, if you desire change bad enough, YOU will make the appropriate changes for your destiny.

I have, and I’m gaining more confidence everyday. If you have very little money…use the free materials HERE! Mr. Koetting’s newsletter, this forum, really if you look hard enough, their are some very powerful rituals that are offered!!!



Dear Mode_439,

I felt very sad through all the things u have been through and I know that words cant express the magnitude of pain u have been through.But one thing u r damn right man!All this tough times life puts u through really brings out the devil within u…u realize that being innocent is actually being weak and if u want ur desires,go and grab them no matter what it takes!!!When the world fucking tries to impede u in everything u do,u become hellbent to destroy your weaknesses no matter what the cost may be.

So I feel so happy for u mode_439 that u have now taken control over ur life thorugh magick nd u r continuing to grow in power.Truly an inspiration for beginners like me.Thank u for sharing ur life with us and wish u all the best for ur ascent in magick and all other areas in life that u feel u need to grow.

Keep posting!!!

Thank you