Wanna share a success with Belial,King Paimon,Horus. ~ how i did not pay or got to the police station

that happened 2 months ago from now,a cunt put a fire on school and did not was like a small fire but that fire was fucking big it could burn the whole school and the whole mountain plus with the houses so he putted the fire and then he told the some other times to say like i did!but i did not,they told the teachers,the police that i did it,so my dad recived a call from them to tommorow go and pay 300 euros for that,those guys are trying to destroy me but they didn know that i had belial,horus,and king paimon at my side,when i got home i start to stress,stress and stress i was on you tube i saw ton of horus videos i checked facebook again ton of horus,i knew that he wants to help me i asked him mentaly to help me,he guided me to do a ritual and a talisman with those 3 sprits (horus,belial,king paimon)i lighted 3 sandalwood sticks and open their sigils i used a yellow candle,i asked them to help me,and they did they told me to go to do a walk and forget it,so i did,when my parents got home he totally forgot it! the memory was earased!!next morning ,the school and police…AIN’T SHIT… yep the ritual worked! i used my intuition and i trusted the 3 beings and my self on a whole new level!

Hail belial!
Hail king paimon!
Hail horus!






Didn’t he help with your work aswell?

Just curious.

I think i remember him being within our evokations.