What are the best ritual to do on Walpurgisnacht? Which are the best spirits to work with and for which areas? Thank you

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I think EA said in his last video it’s alot about transition and change…

So you could do rituals to bring about desired changes …


nice. gracias


I am being led through my dreams to work with wolves in some way. As if they are coming for me to help me make positive changes in my life. So that might be something to look into as well.

Incorperating spirits of animals that represent change to you in your ritual. Taking on their qualities to help you accomplish your goals.


i will attain luciferian gnosis probably.


Its like Father Satan’s birthday. Is the most important celebration day for Satanists. Beside the Beltane Tradition it is also the day when Lavey oficially created the Church of Satan.
This day we praise the horned God. Sex magic is a good way to do it, with important magic rituals or temple consecration.
:heart: Hail Satan :heart:

An older video I’m sure no one would mind me referencing.