Walking with Death

Walking with Death

Death is a Part of Existence, a Powerful Force of Transformation and Transition, Death is the transition from a Certain Form of Life to another. Most people Fear Death and try to run away from it every second of everyday of their Life, trying to avoid any Thoughts about it. This constant battle create Fear and Problem such as anxiety and make them Loose a great Quantity of Vital energy or Life Force.

When you think about it, we Human Being are Dying Every second and everyday of our Life, Million of Cell died each Second in our own Body(Microcosm) and this is the same things in the Macrocosm, since as the Hermetists said : ‘‘That Which is Above is like that which is Below’’. Even when Parents give Birth(Life to a Child) they are actually Sacrificing Him, since this Child will eventually Die. This is one interpretation among many of Saturn(Death, time) eating its Children.

By becoming familiar with Death, by making Death and Ally, the Magician by this Very Action revitalize himself and get back to himself all the Vital energy he was Losing in Fearing it and running away from it. By Contemplating Death life take a Depth never experienced Before as well. We learn to appreciate every second of Every moment of our Life on this Planet, since we always bear in mind that our next Breath could be our Last. When All Fear of Death is destroyed, The Mind get a Peace that few Human being ever taste. Our understanding of the Force in action in the Cosmos increase greatly.

But what does, ‘‘walking with Death’’ signifies? Walking with Death, making Death an Ally mean that one has Changed all his Perception and Personal Reaction(Emotional one, mental one, intellectual one etc.) about Death. Walking with Death mean to make This Powerful Aspect of Existence a Integral part of our Life. Because a ‘‘Simple understanding of Death’’ is not enough, every Human being know that eventually they will Die, what we seek to accomplish here is to completely transform our Perception of Death and all things related to this Perception, such as What Kind of Emotional Reaction it trigger, etc…

There is many Method to do achieve this. Buddhist Monk have used and Created many Meditation for that Purpose that we, as Magician will feel free to adapt and use for our own purpose.

There is a Beauty, a Strength within Death that only those Diving into it can see and taste. The Force of Death can Destroy and yes it does, but what is Destruction? Destruction can also mean the Destruction of all Negativity of all Problem in your Life, The destruction of your past Self, the Self you don’t want to be anymore. Destruction don’t need to be Harmful for you, Destruction is the Force that Allow you to Renew yourself and Death is the Principal Manifestation of Destruction.

Of Course Death and Life go hand in hand together, as Destruction and Creation, Chaos and Order do.

People who see the Physical Self, the Physical life as the only Reality fear Death, but we, Magician that have Experienced more shouldn’t fear Death, since we know that Death is not the End of all Life but the transition from one Form of Life to Another.

Of Course no one can really know what Happen After Death, All our experience are Subjective and thus Death stay as always a Mystery, but one that will be eventually Solved and that can be already in part Solved.

Dive in Death and make her an Ally. By Becoming a Manifestation of Death, you will become a Manifestation of Life.

(P.S : Of course this is only my UPG )


Well said Mephistor!

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[quote=“iratecaller”]Very well done Mephistor. Walk with death. It is of greatest importance for any Necromancer to truly imbibe the essence of Death and it’s processes. The causes of death, the sights, sounds, smells and taste of death. If we are to call forth those who have fallen, should we not attempt to understand the threshold they had to cross? When horror suddenly fills a dark corner of our mind, it may be the echoes of the processes of death felt by someone reaching out to us, needing to be heard.

I really enjoyed reading your article Mephistor. Thank you.[/quote]

Its a Pleasure!

Great post.