Walking Through The Cemetery With Hekate

This was an interesting experience not too long ,ago. Near my house there’s a female Y shaped intersection with a cemetery in it (the most Heketean place possible lol). So I sang her hymn as best as I could with a bottle of red wine and a plate of food, sitting at the edge in between cemetery and crossroads. I repeated the conjuratiion I had made 9 times when her energy flooded the place and I entered a semi lucid state. One where I could see what was happening but I could still see nonphysical things. She was one of those nonphysical things. She had her hair all crazy, face dripped with blood, clothes hanging off her. She said “let’s walk” and started pointing out all these graves, who had died, how they had died, who they worshipped in life, and even where they ended up. That was the creepy part. Being told someone is stuck in hell for the next few thousand years. Finally she said, if you truly need me, come here. This is my land. I will always come and I will always aid you child. And after that I snapped back to full lucidity.

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my experience she turned into a cat who was living at a funeral home at a crossroad that was a threeway because a hole in the wall. She later told me had been staying at a graveyard, the creek by the yard. She had recently cut off almost all of her hair, to disguise herself. I used a wand with circles on it and kept looking at the moon and calling her.